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The World Towers

These three signature residential towers—World One, World View, and World Crest—have an iconic presence on Mumbai’s skyline, providing exceptional comfort and amenity for residents while creating a memorable new destination within the city.

The complex overlooks a lush garden at the heart of Lodha Place, a 17-acre mixed-use development designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners on the site of a former textile mill in Mumbai’s Lower Parel district.

The towers’ unique cloverleaf plans and varying tiers are a decisive response to the singular challenge of creating multiple residential towers on a dense site. Rising to 280 meters, World One is the tallest building in India. The apartments—six World Residences per floor in the first tier, and two World Villas per floor in the second tier—are naturally cross-ventilated, with high-performance low-E glazing and automated lighting controls. World View has a consistent cloverleaf plan similar to the lower tier of World One, while the shortest of the three, World Crest, has a consistent kidney-shaped plan similar to World One’s upper tier.

At ground level, the towers ring a circular entry court with a dancing fountain at its center; each tower has its own entry turnaround marked by a distinctive glass canopy. Residents have access to sports fields, a swimming pool, and a clubhouse, among other amenities.

Within Lodha Place, a 17-acre mixed-use development in Lower Parel, Mumbai

World One: 1.8 million ft2 / 165,000 m2 World View: 1.9 million ft2 / 175,000 m2 World Crest: 883,000 ft2 / 82,000 m2 parking, services: 1,100,000 ft2 / 100,000 m2 residences; spa & fitness center; above and below grade parking; 5.7-acre private landscaped terrace with indoor and outdoor pool, event lawn, and other amenities

Lodha Group

Architecture; exterior envelope

Registered for IGBC LEED Gold

Green Good Design Award: Architecture Chicago Athenaeum / European Centre, 2012

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Status: Built