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The Charles Darwin Centre

The Charles Darwin Centre is located at an important crossroads of the Darwin CBD. Its slender eastern prow faces the Mall, minimizing its presence on this low-rise, pedestrian-oriented area.

This iconic office tower is situated on a key site at the intersection of Bennett Street and Smith Street Mall. Rising to a height of 80 meters, it comprises of 20 stories with floor plates of approximately 1,200 square meters. The tower’s lens shape, a key feature of the design, affords occupants sweeping views of the waterfront and contributes a unique sculptural form to the skyline.

There are two entry points under generous canopies, one for vehicular drop-off along Bennett Street and one for pedestrians along the Mall. Alongside the entries to the tower, the entire length of Bennett Street, the Mall and a portion of West Lane is enlivened by new storefronts and other pedestrian-oriented uses, creating an engaging streetscape.

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Status: Built
Location: Darwin, Australia
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Associate Architect: Suters Architects, Pyrmont, Australia; Structural: Meinhardt and Townes Chappell Mudgway, Sydney; Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing: Meinhardt and Townes Chappell Mudgway, Sydney; Images: Fernando Guerra