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Musée d'Art Moderne

Occupying 2,900 square meters of exhibit space on three levels, this V-shaped museum is cantilevered over the ruins of Fort Thungen, part of defensive system that once secured Luxembourg’s reputation as one of the most fortified cities in Europe.

The museum is superimposed on the outer embankment that originally surrounded the arrow-shaped inner fort. The eighteenth-century walls merge with the new building, acknowledging and continuing the rich history and use of the site. The ground floor houses a glass-enclosed winter garden and sculpture court, both skylit column-free spaces that connect to a central reception hall available after hours for museum and state functions. The two levels below grade house exhibition galleries and a 128-seat auditorium.

SITE: Within Parc Dräi Eechelen of the Fort Thungen complex between the historic city center and new economic zone

COMPONENTS: 10,500 m2 / 113,000 ft2 gross area; central hall; foyer; exhibition space, including winter garden with café and sculpture gallery; skylit pavilion linked by bridge to the main building; auditorium; curatorial and administration space; art storage

CLIENT: Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (State of Luxembourg), represented by: Ministère des Travaux Publics; Administration des Batiments Publics

PCF&P SERVICES: Architecture, exterior envelope, interior design

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Status: Built
Location: Kirchberg, Luxembourg 
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Associate Architect: Georges Reuter Architectes, Luxembourg; Structural: Schroeder & Associés, Luxembourg; Structural: RFR, Paris; Mechanical: Jean Schmit Engineering, Luxembourg; Electrical: Felgen & Associés Engineering, Luxembourg; Lighting: Ove Arup & Partners, London; Lighting: Fisher Marantz Stone, New York; Landscape (Parc Drai Eechelen): Michel Desvigne Paysagiste DPLG, Paris