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  • Cedar Sketch book - Demystifying Architecture and the Design Process
    By Kelvin Bwamu: To show the ideal Architectural design process from sketch work to the finished product with aim of educating people of the role of an Architect
    Architecture by Cedar
    Cedar Sketch book
  • BROOMSTACHE - Order of economic discussion
    By Dino Tadiar: Products, places, cultures are cycling faster than Tiger Woods changed girlfriends. Its an interesting time that needs to be confronted with because... wait for it.....what is beautiful places, products, cultures if we keep changing the face every season? Capitalism has made a platform for V 2.0 to be a need and not a want. I launched a kickstarter campaign for a product line... its called Broomstache. you can look at it at find out more what i'm talking.
  • spatial awareness
    By Oakhay: the relationships between objects in space, the adjacency of one object to another, transitions from space to space, the dynamics or contrasts between materials, the human scale of built environments, the creation of open or closed boundaries, etc. etc. etc. . .
    spatial awareness
  • Sense of Space - Interior Design and Management company
    By Victoria Stepanov, Assoc. IIDA: In this blog I will be writing about my past and present projects accenting any details I find interesting
    Sense of Space
  • The Contact Patch - Where the Rubber Meets the Road
    By gwharton: Practical theory and theory of practice in design.
    The Contact Patch
  • Bleed - cross-overs, bleed-overs and where different types of design overlap
    By Sondre_M: A blog about design and architecture, and the points where they overlap. How they inspire each other, and can inspire each other. Often based around graphic design, but also around architecture, service/interactive design and industrial design
  • Modern Architecture
    By AwesomeArchitecture: Modern Architecture is a daily source to discover latest in world of Architecture and Interior Design.
    Modern Architecture
  • Speranta-Octavia Maior DESIGN WORK - ideas, competitions, projects
    By Speranta-Octavia Maior: in 2001, archinect website hosted an ideas competition for how communication devices will change in the future and it specifically asked what will become of the telephone booth. My late friend and colleague David Rhoese and myself under the designer name Speranza Octavia participated and we won second prize. I would like to post our concept here for further dissemination and to see if this ideas will take on a second life, as well as other ideas and portfolio projects.
    Speranta-Octavia Maior DESIGN WORK
  • DexLab - Let's plug in.
    By pwang/DexLab, Luyan Shen, Yake Wang, Kanqi Zhu: "Re Activate" Blog is a container which can hold various events\designs simultaneously. So my goal is to create the framework to plug in cells to re activate this urban device.
    Lawrence Technological University
  • For The Time Being - An Architectural Sound Trilogy
    By Mary Edwards: For The Time Being, a sound installation, reflects the conflict of desire and uncertainty that seems to simultaneously haunt intimate (if sometimes interim) spaces, each drawing on the relationship we have with temporality, where the anticipation of travel or movement often overshadows the destinantion. It signifies the essence and impermanence of nature and architecture, evoking both absence and presence through sound.
    For The Time Being
  • Ramble On - the nonsense that goes on in my head.
    By Chris Doherty: This is just an attempt to aid my memory by concretizing (I think that's a word?) my thoughts/ideas, since I have a memory like Teflon.
    Ramble On
  • Design Sensation - design comes to life
    By Chris Mowen: a look at design's inspiring encounters
    Design Sensation
  • Arch|Digital - Davide Madeddu's blog on Archinect
    By Davide Madeddu: A blog about digital parametric techniques applied to design and engineer analysis. Experiments, work in progress, and prototipes.
  • Yo quiero ARQUITECTURA! - Much more than Taco Bell!
    By locatix: This new blog relates architecture to the everyday living experience, it will show several new projects related with both: architecture and life.

    ...many times we don't realize how related they are!
    Yo quiero ARQUITECTURA!
  • The Human Experience - How do the qualities (phenomena) of light, materials, and texture enhance our lives?
    By Christopher Staggs AIA, NCARB: How we feel in a space is often ignored. Let's explore the phenomena of environments and spatial qualities - color, light, texture, movement, through dialogue, stories, narratives, and examples. The goal is to discover opinions and ideas informing our perceptions and perspectives of the human experience of architecture.
    The Human Experience
  • Design Elevates
    By Scott Sivan: How good design elevates commerce and culture.
    Design Elevates
  • Graef Perspective - Perspective of architecture, interiors and everything in between
    By JeremyGraef83: Giving a perspective of architectural, interior and landscape designs from a recent graduates point of view.
    Graef Perspective
  • Archsylc
    By shang_ylchen: Design + Sharing

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