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Nov '11 - Mar '12

  • A Day Like Today

    Jeremy Graef
    Mar 6, '12 1:59 PM EST

    If you're in Los Angeles, you'll notice the weather is a little gloomier than we prefer.  So, on a day like today, we congregate indoors and (hopefully) are enjoying our interior environments.

    This is when we realize the importance of beautiful interior architecture.  No one wants to be stuck inside, surrounded by poor design.  Poor lighting, poor sounds, poor air circulation, etc.

    Several of my favorite places to be on a gloomy day (in no particular order)

    Starbucks - West Hollywood

    Norton Simon Museum - Pasadena

    The London - West Hollywood

    My Living Room - Sherman Oaks

    Arclight - Sherman Oaks


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  • Eco-Inspiration.

    Jeremy Graef
    Mar 6, '12 1:44 PM EST

    This gorgeous pre-fab LEED Platinum designed home is an inspiration to the design field.  It contains a net-zero carbon footprint, which, according to sources, is the first of its kind.   The collaborative work between architects and interior designers has created not only a functional... View full entry



  • Ode to my Alma Mater

    Jeremy Graef
    Nov 17, '11 1:05 PM EST

    My wordplay blog for "EXCEED" reminded me of my Alma Mater, California State University, Northridge, or as we liked to call it, C-SUN! The engineering student department, years ago, had created this CSUN work of art at the intersection of Nordhoff Street and Zelzah Avenue in Northridge... View full entry

  • Reflection.

    Jeremy Graef
    Nov 17, '11 12:50 PM EST

    I love playing with the idea of imagery and graphic design using as much simplicity as possible.  This "EXCEED" located at the Hamburg Airport in Germany is not only graphically beautiful, but inspirational as well.  And it's for the public to enjoy!   View full entry



  • Blog .1

    Jeremy Graef
    Nov 10, '11 3:13 PM EST

    So this is my first blog ever, and what better to "blog" about than something I have a strong passion for; architecture, interior design and landscape design! I'm kind of stumped right now as for what to write about, but I'm sure with time, it will come naturally and I'll be posting new and... View full entry

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