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    DECEMBER 7: Simplicity and long life may go hand in hand.


    DECEMBER 29:"I'd rather want everything and have nothing, than have everything and want nothing. Because at least when you want something your life has meaning, its worthwhile. For the moment you think you have everything. You have to search for meaning in other things. I spent half my life wanting everything and having nothing. And now I have everything and I don’t want anything. " Vik Muniz

    MARCH 9: Life may be lived in may frames of mind.. think like your 90 years old and you only have 1 day left to see your granddaughter, patient as an 80 year old, 69 years old because.. umm you know.., 51 years old with optism about your kids success, work like your 30 knowing full well of your capabilities with naivity to burn thru the night, party like your 21 and you never had a chance to date her, eat like your 13 years old with metabolism that burns thru, live like your 5 years old with full of energy, sleep like your 1 years old and no worrying about life. ... we are blessed with just a glimmer of this energy called life.

    MARCH 29: As a generation we have lost the sense of scale and proportion that we once had as humans. I think the world got bigger and smaller at the same time. Also we understand space as something abstract. Kitchens open up to make room for living rooms, drivers don't see the road but traffic signs, we walk on sidewalks along side tall walls, tv screens got smaller to fit on your palm, churches and synagogues are designed for a business model rather than grandeur and opulence (more seats), lists go on... humans do not have a cultural baseline of size because we are in transition melding tech, poetics from all sorts of places. We may reach a gobal baseline with our children's children.

    APRIL 2: No one man can stand alone and think to survive. May we be brothers and sisters again. Live to help each other and make each other better. Only then can we tell stories of love.

    APRIL 5: Remember don't find opportunity... create it.

    APRIL 16: What I get is that Americans are strong and resilient people.
    There is a disgust towards the attitude of being strong. Not in the sense of the mighty and all powerful, rather of stumbling and getting back up. The world views Americans as some kind of missile shoving drone oil taking nation and that's all it is. Hmm. Nope. Zoom out... zoom out further. We are all immigrants of our struggles. Even if you were born here..we work towards opportunities. What it is.. the world is tightly connected.. media zooms into the microscopic details and shows us only that one slide. What it really is... strength is in our common goals and loves. What it really is.. the humble men and women helping selflessly for each other. We are blanketed by threats.. but to know brothers and sisters go thru struggles... we find strength in empathy. What happened in boston is a series of ongoing 'pop' frustrations that are the opposite of rebuilding our nation. Zoom out further. Rebuilding our world. We are here rotating around the solar system.. some find it frustrating that we are here. Together. We are here.. for more than just political view.. we are here for more than making money and an agenda of "succeeding". What it really is.. we are here together. And we are here for each other.

    APRIL 20: COAST is clear? Boston baby.. I swept last night and was dreaming of beautiful people. Resilient and tight knit. Imagine if all of America came together. Imagine if Congress and the House came together to make an effort to push us to the next better level. The level of peace and love. No laws help this.. rather, People help this movement. and together that's all we have. So.. lesson that we learn from all this.. Boston baby... oh yah..

    APRIL 29: Observation: Responsibility - Ownership - Pride. I think we have got it backwards as a generation, even the younger generation. People call it sense of entitlement. I think there is an environmental issue that we can improve. However the variables in the equations have a lot dependency upon each other these days. For example people pass the buck.. "i didn't do it.. he did.. she did. etc. etc" "it's not my responsibility" i think even the movement of where things are made... "i'm gonna buy this product, because its cheap.. and everything is made in china..." its the system that we are running into that perpetuates this lack of responsibility. Even our food ecosystem is run by a much bigger entity that we don't really "think" about where it comes from. When we pray for our food..what hands, what corporations, what effects does it have on the rich and the poor." tons of energy is poured into the masses, but really.. an individual.. hmm.. can they improve there situations? I think being in our 20s-30s its tough to take responsibility or ownership. Its hard to create "assets" for ourselves than our parents generation. I think in general we are confused and there is a lack of ownership.. and maybe that's why people are apathetic. and maybe that's why some people really feel stuck. the hope is though that we can (together) be responsible. Not passing the buck off to our friends or family or strangers in the drive thru. Basis of it. our resources (money, raw materials, talents ) they get tossed around.. with intentional action for the future. We hope and pray for tomorrow to get better. We ask ourselves can clear this clutter and get to the root of what can we be responsible for? We can. Its starts within our 1' x 1' existence.

    APRIL 30: I have an idea. what it boils down to. Is challenging what is "normal." ..i think also, there is a difference between sustainable and sustaining. what's green may not be the best choice right now... but its in an effort to change what is "normal." We associate these days these feudalistic alliances called "brands" as a flag of redemptive lifestyling. Let's wave this flag here.. and there. we then take that information and associate it to either "good" or "bad".. What is interesting about this, identity carries perceptive values that go deeper into the psychy. what our mass production is doing to our collective identity.. or "brand" as humans.. is short circuiting our collective memory as a society.. or what is the status or the norm. each new v.2.0 of green this and that.. actually gets in the way of what maybe even better.. sustaining design and sustaining culture. Neither conservatives or progressives may view this idea as an issue.. but it is happening. our tweets / our rapid prototyping / our buildings.. they are all zipp..ziiippp.. quick.


    MAY 5: Nature provides the beauty.. we just try to utilize it into functionality.

    MAY 6: Lets create opportunity here. Dont let companies like walmart kmart target dictate your human rituals. This is an american flag (referring to a flag for $5.99 @ kmart) made in china for the fourth of july.. where we probably get our fireworks from china. Hmmm yes globalism is the excuse. A good one.. but, keeping even the humblest of jobs.. like a janitor or cleaning lady means the world to our economy. Not the next venture capitalist or mark zuckerberg. We idolize americana of stars.. hmm Something must change in our generation to keep our kids kids with work and opportunity. Forward thinking starts with not money.. rather with the idea. Then attitude. Then a collection of us. Then cultural shifts.. then money. Capitalism is not king. We can figure this out. Doesn't take rocket science. Leave the "stars" to the rocket scientists.


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    What if advertisements were just "art" - with poetry and to bring writers, artists up instead of big corporation's agenda.

    What if our generation changed the way we do business. The aspects of creativity vs. company.

    Nowadays we thrive on film that lasts only 3 min. = webisodes. new medium for our short term memory

    Final reel

    Slapstick humor whatever happen to Americana that we lost. Charlie, Lucy, and others?

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