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Sep '11 - Jan '13

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    ... News, Breaking Soon ...

    Brian Henry
    Jun 30, '12 7:25 PM EST

    I'd like to insert the word "Good" at the beginning of the title to this blog post, but I'd hate to jump the gun and look like an idiot. However, saying that there will be news breaking soon on my job search can go either way, so I guess I've learned something else about covering news this past week. Either way, I'm really excited to hear back from a firm this coming week because their response will open a new door for me one way or another. Stay tuned for more details.

    In other preemptive news ... I'm as stunned as the rest of you that Andy Schleck has recovered from his injury sustained in the Dauphine and, against all odds, has been able to win the Tour de France outright ... (I haven't had a chance to watch the Prologue so no spoilers please)


    P.s. I'll try not to 'pre'-type my next post in front a brick wall.

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