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Brian Henry (M.Arch, U of Idaho, 2011)



Sep '11 - Jan '13

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    Happy New Year

    Brian Henry
    Jan 1, '13 4:57 PM EST

    Well Archinect, with the beginning of a new year I'm going to be closing the door on this blog. Seems fitting given that I've found my job (the original focus and intent of this blog), and I'm now busy enough with work that I can hardly make time to post anymore. I haven't completely ruled out the idea of continuing to blog about my internship and eventual licensure, but for now I will not be making a new blog on these topics. 

    I thank you all for your interest and participation in my blog and I wish you all the best in 2013 and beyond. I hope that if you are looking for work that this might in some way help you and that my experiences, both good and bad, might serve as lessons for you to glean something from.

    Thank you Archinect for allowing me the platform. When I saw that you were opening up the blogging platform from just the student blogs, I was probably one of the first to jump on the chance to get a blog.

    Happy 2013!

    P.s. Enjoy the randomness of what the glamorous life as an intern architect brings with a few photos.

    Scanning as built drawings


    Deciding materials and color selection (plus a little graffiti testing)


    Changing air filters. This was one month of use during which we had a ton of smoke in the air from nearby wildfires.


    Lots and lots of CAD. I snapped this to show my wife where our lives cross ... Chemistry classrooms


    Saved this little guy from the heating duct in the old building where we have our offices. We still have no idea how he got in there past the filters. 


    • Nki-

      Hey again Brian,

      I keep coming back to your thread for some tips on applying for my first job. I was just wondering if you have a link to your "teaser portfolio"? I'm in the process of putting mine together but I haven't been able to find a lot of good examples around the net.

      Feb 5, 13 9:23 pm


      Thanks for coming back. I've uploaded a version of my teaser portfolio to Keep in mind that this is just one iteration of it. The whole point of this is to tailor it to the person or firm receiving it. So each version will be different. This one was more of a generic starting point. 

      It was sized so that I could print it on my printer on 11x17 paper, trim it to size, and then fold and staple it in the center for the binding. All together it took two sheets for the eight pages you see. Very cheap to print and bind, and consequently cheap to change and edit as well. I did go out and find a long reach stapler just for this, as well as a ream of heavier paper than your typical copier quality stuff (this made a huge difference when printing double sided). 

      Let me know if you have any questions...

      Feb 6, 13 1:17 am


      Thanks again Brian!

      Feb 8, 13 4:46 am

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