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Brian Henry (M.Arch, U of Idaho, 2011)



Sep '11 - Jan '13

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    Hello Archinect, nice to meet you

    Brian Henry
    Sep 26, '11 8:04 PM EST

    I graduated earlier this year and instead of listening to the advice of everyone, I didn't land myself a job right away. Instead, my wife and I moved into a new apartment, I did some random construction jobs here and there, took on (and am still working to complete) a small design-build project, and worked part time at the local movie theater as a projectionist among other things.

    It's not that I haven't done any looking, I submitted a few applications on-line, even interviewed with a Seattle-based firm before graduation. I just never did any serious looking. I never followed up with the online applications, I briefly followed up with the interview, but I also knew that for the time being my wife and I would be staying in Pullman, WA, as she had found a great opportunity to work at WSU. So to say that any of those attempts were half-hearted at best, would be quite generous.

    In the end it all comes down to this; despite having time to update my portfolio, get out and find a job, I never did. Now it has been almost 5 months since graduation and I still haven't made a legitimate attempt at finding full-time work in architecture. I'm not overly optimistic that there is work for a recent graduate as an architectural intern here on the Palouse, but if there is any, I'll be sure to find it. If not, I'll start looking throughout the Inland and Pacific Northwest. Wish me luck, leave comments and stay tuned for more. Oh, and nice to meet you, I'm Brian.

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