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    Still Alive & Staying Busy

    Brian Henry
    Dec 8, '11 7:00 PM EST

    Archinect emailed me the other day. Apparently if you don't post on your blog for a month they get worried. Despite the flu that is doing its best to kill me slowly, I'm still alive.

    It's no excuse but I have been keeping myself fairly busy. While I haven't landed a full-time job, I do have work to do. I've mentioned it before but I have a part time job at the local movie theater (where everything seems to break down on my shifts taking time away that I can normally work on my portfolio) and I've been working on a small design-build project.

    While I have the time to elaborate I don't think I have the strength; that's reserved for battling the flu right now. So instead I'll just give you some photos I happen to have on hand of the project and a quick description.

    The project takes a carriage house, over a hundred years old, and converts it into a music studio for a local musician where he can practice and record his music. He isn't the first one to use it for something other than storing carriages. A previous owner had established a cabinet shop in the space, evidenced by some of the equipment still in the rafters (though you can't really see it in the photo below).

    The structure itself is remarkably sound, but the foundation was quite rotten having been a wooden grade beam in contact with the ground for so long. Consequently, we've had to lift the building and pour a new foundation.

    Right now we've got the foundation and floor competed, insulation in the outer walls and are framing the interior walls. There will be more updates on the project when I have images to show for it, but for now this will have to do.

    Finally, in an attempt to keep this post somewhat on topic for the blog, I will say that while it has been nice to have some work to do, I can also see the benefit of devoting full-time hours to the job search process. I can't help but think that if I had been putting the same effort into the job search as I've been putting into this project, I'd have more to show for it.

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