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    Off to Japan...again.

    By koboldstudios
    Jun 9, '08 3:30 PM EST

    About 34 hours from now i'll be landing in Japan at 3 o'clock on Wednesday. I know the math doesn't quite add up, but that's what i'm told. I was dumb and will be flying into Narita, so i just tacked on a nice 4 hours and hefty Shinkan-sen ticket to my experience. Next time.

    I'll be doing an internship for 6 weeks with an architect in Kyoto. It will be quite the experience, considering my Japanese is elementary at best and i can't read kanji, so i will be "that guy" from the States. Blanco nino, as they say (well, not in Japan).

    I'll try and post some elements of my trip, but WIFI networks are surprisingly scarce. I hear it's because they tend to use their cellphones for internet/email/et cetera. Otherwise, i hope everyone enjoys their summer!!!


    • who will you work for in kyoto?

      Jun 9, 08 11:28 pm  · 

      I'll be working with Thomas Daniell. He worked with FOBA and Shin Takamatsu. ...i'm a little freaked out right about now. Haha!

      Jun 9, 08 11:42 pm  · 

      i have heard of him. haven't met him yet though (different neck of woods). good luck!

      Jun 10, 08 9:52 am  · 

      Never heard of him before.
      Seems like he does a lot of residential work. Very nice and extensive residential projects.

      Jun 10, 08 11:16 am  · 

      Holy SHIT!!!! I have absolutely NO clue what i am doing here. It's fantastic!!!!! I can't even order food off the menu because i can't read anything but romaji. On the flip side, at least i can get around without being completely offensive. :)

      Jun 17, 08 1:45 am  · 

      wow! i would love to be in your place even if it's just a 6 months internship in japan that would be great! i love to know more about japan's architecture, how did you get the internship? and how's your work? :)

      Jul 10, 08 12:32 pm  · 

      I want to work for Shin Takamatsu

      Jul 17, 08 5:03 pm  · 

      My internship was pretty short. It was about 5 weeks. More appropriately it was an "open desk" rather than an internship. I met the architect on a previous trip and managed to keep in touch.

      It was a fantastic experience and i learned a ton. I'll see if i can post some images of the work here shortly.

      Jul 27, 08 4:13 pm  · 

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