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    "Ahhh, Summer" or "Reflections"

    By koboldstudios
    May 23, '07 2:57 PM EST

    Man, it feels good to enjoy the summer. This last semester was pretty enjoyable, though intense at times.

    Over Spring Break I travelled to Japan and ran around Tokyo and Kyoto for 10 days. They have it figured out over there! And now i can't wait to go back. (Sake in vending machines??? Public transit that is accurate to within 5 seconds? Smokin' Japanese Babes? ...that's a reference to the Future Sound of London, for you electronic music geeks out there...) Here are some pictures:

    Ando, HHStyleimage

    Takamitsu, Tower Houseimage

    Ito, Mikimotoimage
    Herzog & de Meuron, Pradaimage
    Ito, Tod'simage

    The architecture was incredible. Transitions between public/private spaces (engawa) were, for the most part very elegant. Utilization of space was refined. The chaos of transit seemed surpisingly ordered. It was a life-changing experience!!

    Various Imagesimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


    • ah, another tokyo^phite in the making...

      engawa means indoor terrace/balcony kindathing. you could say "ma" = transition space, i suppose, but i think i would just say "aida". language is tricky. but observation is right on. the in-between space thing in tokyo (japan) is often quite nice, especially with the compression.

      May 24, 07 10:29 am  · 

      tokyo is beautiful in it's own respect. the conditions they are working with there are intriguing to say the least. i think some of the most beautiful, and more traditional, architecture was in kyoto. i hope to return again (and know more of the language by then).

      in the book, "seven interviews with ando," the author and ando discuss the "engawa" which ando likens to a "veranda." my impression was that some of these spaces were "veranda-esque." private, yet public. would you agree?

      i also learned (not in the night pictured above) the difference between "sake" and "nihonshu." haha....whoops. the small bottle of vodka brought to our table was had, nonetheless, but my sensei still laughs at me when this comes up.

      May 25, 07 2:49 pm  · 

      looks like you had a great time, not just looking at architecture but enjoying the sights, sounds and importantly tastes. Anymore images of that tiny (pet) yellow house?

      May 27, 07 12:33 pm  · 
      vado retro

      how were the green chili chicken enchiladas?

      May 27, 07 9:43 pm  · 

      the morning my vegetarian friend bit into a breakfast pastry that had fish in it, i was definitely missing the breakfast burritos.

      May 28, 07 2:47 pm  · 

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