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    Grand Opening: Apple Store - ABQ.

    By koboldstudios
    Nov 1, '06 1:33 PM EST

    Here we are (i'm in the middle) at the GRAND OPENING OF THE APPLE STORE IN ALBUQUERQUE!!! Yes folks, the "Thunderdome" is back on the map. We are now a new travel destination. And i love the store. I hijacked a MacBookPro to post this. :) Since i forgot to bring my camera, i had to use the one built in!! w00t!!!

    OMG, this place is a total porn shop for me!!!



    • vado retro

      wheres it at up in yuppieville? ie montgomery and juan tabo???

      Nov 1, 06 4:53 pm

      ben looks wasted, overdosed on so much apple...get that kid a pear.

      Nov 2, 06 12:10 pm
      el jeffe

      vado - lookup ABQUptown. i helped with some schematic work on it before moving on.
      it's the old st. pius site on louisiana between coronado & winrock mall.
      incidentally, winrock is now dead. a victor gruen gem that was successivly tampered with until it was a cheap shell. the shame....

      Nov 2, 06 2:24 pm

      It's still sorta "Yuppieville." I totally wanted to mark the occasion with the purchase of a new iPod shuffle...ohh well...that will be tomorrow after class!

      I'm totally going to rub my genitals on the brushed aluminum walls...mmmm...brushed aluminum.

      Nov 2, 06 2:55 pm
      vado retro

      well i havent lived in albucrackee since 1998, so i've missed the latest shopping "upgrades" of the duke city. i may be there at xmas though.

      Nov 2, 06 6:40 pm

      Well, it's still brown and dry. It probably hasn't rained since you left (that's not true, but hey, it sounded good).

      As i like to say, "It's a lot of beach, not enough ocean."

      Nov 2, 06 6:46 pm
      el jeffe

      cripes mike,
      didja really go back and rub your genitals on the titanium?
      i figure you must be in the pokey since you haven't posted in a while.

      Nov 29, 06 4:36 pm

      Life in general has been a bit insane recently, on top of school, so i did have to disappear. I will hopefully have something to post by the end of the least that's the plan!! But it's secret, until then. ;)

      Nov 30, 06 11:52 am

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      Aug 2, 17 1:33 am

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