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    Creative Juices...

    By koboldstudios
    Sep 7, '06 12:58 AM EST

    So, who "uses" creative juices here? Don't be shy!!

    This one is my personal favorite:


    EFFEN Black Cherry Vodka.

    God bless the Dutch.

    The "motion blur" was intended. Consider it artistic touch. I have other "still" pictures, but they don't convey the "meaning" well.

    Right now i need to point myself back towards the paper i am doing. The class is The History of World Architecture. It's an interesting class. Though our assignment seems slightly elementary - to write an essay on the first house we grew up in. So, for being elementary, i'm having a hard time, hence the Vodka. Well, actually, that's not entirely true. The vodka is a coping mechanism for other things in my life, but it helps me care less about what i am writing.


    *Note: I say "it helps me care less about what i am writing," but i want to make it clear that i DO care about what i am writing, it's just that i have less inhibitions and am more relaxed.

    *Also note: The bottle has a really sexy design. That is what admittedly caught my eye first. Then the black lining caught my hand. The tactile interaction is quite pleasing between the hands and the bottle/rubberish lining....then it caught my taste buds...... ;) But seriously, look at the bottle. It's pretty. See? Aesthetics (sex) sells!!



    • myriam

      hahaha, good luck on that paper!

      Sep 7, 06 9:09 am  · 

      Thank you. It was pretty much done, but that last 10% needed some help.

      So, you were supposed to list YOUR poison, as to not make me feel like i have a problem, or something...

      Sep 7, 06 10:59 am  · 

      lately: sake. In school it was definitely straight mochas, as I worked at the coffeeshop. Also Yuengling.

      Sep 7, 06 12:04 pm  · 

      Ohhh hoooO! Sake!!! That stuff is dangerous. I have to admit that i have a penchant for nice sake and sushi. Some smoked salmon, a light, slightly fruity, but dry sake - HEAVEN!

      Sep 7, 06 7:30 pm  · 

      I like your table. Is that Brazilian slate?
      You should make another but make it more blobjectular. And pink.

      btw, jameson's and american sprits. does smoke count as a juice?

      Sep 8, 06 12:53 am  · 

      Brazilian? It might be Argentinian, but i am not good with accents. But to answer your question, yes. Yes, it is.

      The Jameson and Spirits would be more of a "crutch" for me, or perhaps part of a "binge." I used to date a girl named Jameson. Seriously. She was crazy. ...and i guess it depends on what kind of smoke....

      Pink? I was thinking fuschia. I'll keep you posted on that one. See you bright and early!

      Sep 8, 06 1:17 am  · 

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