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    Sketches: Pen vs. Pencil

    By koboldstudios
    Sep 21, '06 11:59 PM EST

    I am curious. Who here sketches in pen? In pencil? Reasons?

    I am attracted to pen right now. Each line seems to have to have intent and one cannot arbitrarily draw lines without thinking of consequence. It could be argued that this might inhibit the "free-form" of sketching, but i like the permanence of pen.


    • machine à habiter

      I sketch in pen.
      If you draw something you didn't want to, you don't erase the thing as in pencil; you just draw it again and it means extra practice. It doesn't rub off like pencil. So it's usually easier to keep the sketches etc.
      I actually switched to pen because when I sketched in pencil, I used to erase the parts I didn't like and try to fix them. IMHO, when you use a pen, you have to make quick desicions, while you're drawing, there's no taking it back (After some point, design is all about making desicions, I believe). If you have another idea, you draw about that in another sketch. And pen sketches usually look more vivid, compared most of those produced in pencil.

      Sep 22, 06 1:38 am  · 
      vado retro

      if you go to unm you should follow the legacy of bob walters and draw with a crooked stick...

      Sep 22, 06 6:06 am  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      I like pen because I like the improvisatory nature of scketching in ink. Sometimes I screw up and it turns into the best part of the sketch, or takes it another direction.

      Sep 22, 06 8:21 am  · 

      Thanks for the thoughts. I looked in to Bob Walters and found a little bit of info (via Google). Do you have any further info on him?

      Sep 22, 06 9:33 am  · 

      I sketch in pen. It is more definite and bolder, and looks like you are more confident. Check Wellington Reichter's "Vessels and Fields" book on sketches. We should compare each other sketches.

      Sep 22, 06 10:30 am  · 

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