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    Free Programs = Free Cigarettes at Bars

    By koboldstudios
    Jan 16, '08 6:13 PM EST

    Okay. This is kinda cool and either belongs in a Mastercard commercial or simply follows the cigarette campaign targeted towards little kids.

    Vectorworks 2008 (Education) - Free
    Artlantis (Education) - Free
    Priceless renderings and paying for sexy programs given to you while you were in school - $3000.

    I dig that these programs are being given to us for use/addiction in school. I mean, books, tuition, CS3 etc, are all pretty pricey, so it's nice to have access to these killer apps. Now i just have to perfect my "l33t haxorz skillz" and pump out some killer work this next semester.

    So, who here uses VW and Artlantis? Anyone??

    Speaking of work, i haven't posted any of my stuff....i think, ever on here. My bad. Here are some renderings from a rowhouse project done in the Functionalist, George Anselivicius's class. Be nice...i'm still a noob, and getting (marginally) better.



    • I really like the 3 and 4th image..Maybe it is just the perspective.

      Jan 16, 08 7:17 pm  · 

      Thank you, my fellow "Canuck-by-birth, but not location." :)

      Jan 16, 08 7:31 pm  · 

      yea I use VW every now and then, but not Atlantis. They are free now to savour that addiction by then time you become a pro - its called nuturing the next archi-generation (g'bye autocad)

      Jan 18, 08 9:15 am  · 

      I didn't even know renderings like that were possible with vworks and ACAD.

      Jan 20, 08 11:52 pm  · 

      VW does some pretty sweet rendering, once you understand lights and really spend some time tweaking them (something i am still learning). ...but if you choose to do some raytracing, make sure you have a fun hobby because it is the SLOWEST program i have used to render.

      For mine, i just did shadowmapping with the images at 300DPI and that was pretty reasonable.

      Jan 24, 08 1:33 pm  · 

      they're free now? VW was $100 when i was in school. the free programs are a little more beneficial than the cmokes, as well... at least in the long run

      Jan 26, 08 7:31 pm  · 

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