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    New School of Architecture!!!!

    By koboldstudios
    Sep 22, '07 10:00 PM EST

    Year number two is well underway. Hopefully, if things are executed properly, i will be graduating in 2.5 years. *fingers crossed* But that's not why i'm posting today. I'm posting because i thought i would show off some of the pictures i took from the NEW School of Architecture and Planning designed by Antoine Predock at the University of New Mexico. The 'Toine was also gracious enough to give us students a tour today and a bit of what was going on in his head during this whole process.

    So here are the pictures. Some of the elements at play here are: Both transparency and verticality of the building; and exposed structural elements and tectonic conditions so us students have an excellent opportunity to see how it was built.

    Enough talking, on to some pictures.....image

    West Entrance:imageimage

    The Crit Bridge:image

    Exterior Grotto:image

    Truss System:image

    View From Studio:imageimage


    South Façade:image

    View From Gallery:image



    • Apurimac

      Nice! You guys have a grad program? I think I may add a school to my potentials list.

      Sep 23, 07 1:40 am  · 

      We do. There is a 3.5 year program for non-architecture undergrads, then we have a 2-year program for B. Arch folks. You should check it out:

      Sep 23, 07 3:42 pm  · 
      vado retro

      The school is looking good. I wonder about all that southern glass though. i understand though that its facing central and the frontier! and needs a face. When's the move in date? What are you doing for studio? did you go into 401 or a 500 studio? or do they still do that? i'm thinking about revisting a grad project i did called "the insituto" which was a 1000 foot long building that started where the new archi building is, and went west. bueno.

      Sep 24, 07 6:35 pm  · 

      It's looking pretty decent on the inside as well. I'm actually more excited about it AFTER being inside it. The glass isn't that bad as far as i can tell. There are a few parts of the building that get a little warm, but otherwise it's quite nice. It's also nice to know that the fine folks at the Frontier will be there 24 hours. I think our lights will compliment their lights at 4am quite nicely.

      To be honest, i'm pretty bummed that the passive cooling was VE'd from the plan, as well as numerous other "eco-friendly" design responses. I don't have a list of what they all are, but i hear some of the professors talking here and there. I think that the school should have been willing to fork over more money to allow for these "innovative" designs to be implemented, after all, we are supposed to be training the next generation of architects here, right? ...and it's pretty clear after seeing a polar bear walk down Central today, that we need to be doing something on a grander scale.

      Right now i am in 500 Studio, with George Anselivicius. He is outstanding. We just completed our stair project. I ended up doing mine on ink and mylar, which is a new secret love of mine. Screw Vectorworks...except for when i need plans and sections in 4 hours, as opposed to 4 days. I'll try and hit the large format scanner and post some pictures later this week. Halo 3 comes out tomorrow so i might be a bit delayed. I deserve a little veg-out time!!!! (or a lot, as the case may be). Anyway, the new project we are working on is the "Rowhouse Project." I'll make an effort to post my progress on that and hopefully get some feedback from you kind folks at Archinect.

      I'm curious about your grad project....

      Sep 24, 07 11:46 pm  · 
      stiletta I guess 'Toine couldn't let the Frontier horn in on his gig? The Frontier is the real student union at UNM: their tortilla press machine would have been worthwhile to showcase here to create a gateway - so much for "critical regionalism."

      Sep 25, 07 1:04 am  · 

      looks like architecture schools are following the way of new museums.
      get a blue chip architect,
      design the architecture school like a museum,
      get students,
      say this is a great model to follow,
      impress parents.

      i find it like a corporate business plan.

      Sep 25, 07 2:59 am  · 
      vado retro

      actually i believe predocks nickname is the prawn, not the toine. the owners of the frontier used to be my landlords when i lived on stanford. when u said anselvicius i knew it was housing.

      Sep 25, 07 8:53 am  · 
      vado retro

      yeah heaven forbid you used passive systems in new mexico, one of the few places where it really works.

      Sep 25, 07 8:54 am  · 
      stiletta: The gallery space in the southwest corner of George Pearl Hall overlooks the Frontier. Apparently, the owners of the Frontier donated 3/4 of a million dollars or some ridiculous [ nice] amount of money. My classmate joked that we should name the room, "The John Wayne Room." I like that idea.

      Speaking of John Wayne, i can't help but wonder if there is any homoerotic thing going on at the Frontier. I mean, even IIIII find it a little creepy that there are all these HUGE pictures of the man all over the place at the 24 hour study hall/fight club, and i'm in to some crazy stuff. Haha!

      coedname-X: There is a business aspect to the school system. I don't know how i feel about it yet, or if i believe that it is a "corporate business plan." I mean, school is about learning and i think that it should be a social event (economically, culturally and physically). But culturally, i don't think we're ready for that. In fact, we seem to be leaning the exact opposite direction as country right now. For the most part i think that the United States is about the great "I," the Ego. Maybe that comes from our cultural values dating back to the Revolution or perhaps it has been engrained in us by the "capitalist machine," i'm not too sure.
      Is it possible to change the "corporate business plan?"

      vado: Ironically, the first few weeks of school we were having issues with the temperature in the Annex. The A/C was drawing too much current, or something like that and kept needing to be reset. So, we were baking. It was a little too appropriate that a few days before we were told that the passive cooling was VE'd from the final design. Obviously the school isn't an endless money pit, i mean we DO have to support the football and basketball teams after all. I am sure the faculty/directors, et cetera of the school fought for these things, but i think UNM just said, "Nope." It's sad because we could have really made a phenomenal impression had we been "fully green" as a building. In fact, that would have been a great selling point for the "corporate business."
      Oct 6, 07 3:05 pm  · 
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