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    Hello, Mercer County!

    By Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke
    Sep 8, '07 9:17 PM EST

    Annual cicada, Tibicen linnei

    I moved to Princeton just yesterday ... I begin the PhD at Princeton's School of Architecture here soon. I register on Wednesday, and classes start on the 17th ...

    My new apartment is totally brimming with unpacked boxes ... so more updates as things get along.

    I can actually hear crickets and cicadas (see above) outside my window. A beautiful noise I have not heard in decades.


    • brut


      just finished my masters at Princeton this past spring...

      where are you living at?

      well, say hi to my phd friend urtzi (spanish guy, sure you'll meet him) and enjoy.


      Sep 9, 07 12:45 am  · 
      vado retro

      god smoke the cicadas here are deafening!

      Sep 11, 07 2:36 pm  · 

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