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    Focus on Frist

    By Stewart Hicks
    Sep 22, '04 6:48 PM EST

    Frist is the place for everything: food, coffee, batteries...a break from the architecture building. At Michigan they call it the North Campus Commons but unlike the Commons, there's good food and good coffee. It's next door to the architecture building and is open until 2 am so naturally it is the preferred place to be during class breaks and meal times (when ever that may be).


    • liberty bell

      Venturi, no? Any critique?

      Sep 22, 04 11:45 pm  · 

      There was a graduate student pub in the basement of a chemistry lecture hall across from the architecture building at my school. .75 beers and $2.00 sandwiches. Good times. So many architecture students frequented it that my non-architecture friends would sit on steps in front of the building and play "are the archi?" which apparently was a common game around campus. I loved that we were mocked.

      Sep 24, 04 11:50 am  · 

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