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    By Stewart Hicks
    Sep 7, '04 12:51 PM EST

    During the summer I received a series of emails outlining things to do over the summer. I thought you might find them interesting. They included the mandatory purchase of a PC and a reading list:


    Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz (w/800MHz FSB/ 1MB cache)
    1 GB Dual Channel DDR SDRAM
    160 GB Serial ATA @ 7200 RPM
    128 MB, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
    21 inch SVGA CRT capable of 1280 x 1024 display
    Photo-quality Color Inkjet
    10/100 PCI Ethernet
    CD-RW/DVD combo and 512MB USB 2.0 Micro-drive
    Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP Professional **Not XP Home**

    Reading List:

    To better prepare you for the start of classes in the fall, we have put together some recommendations for summer reading

    These books provide specific background for the M.Arch. curriculum:

    Alan Colquhoun, Modern Architecture (Oxford, 2002)
    The best general history of modern architecture to date

    Robin Evans, Translations from Drawing to Building and Other Essays (AA Publications, 1997)
    Wide-ranging essays on the how and why of architecture

    Lewis Mumford, The City in History (Harvest, 1968)
    Good background for the study of urbanism; somewhat dated, but full of information

    Adrian Forty, Words and Buildings: A vocabulary of Modern Architecture (Thames and Hudson, 2000)
    Good general background for studio and architectural history courses

    Mario Salvadori, Why Buildings Stand Up: The Strength of Architecture
    (Norton, 1980)
    Good background for the structures sequence

    Two books you should own for reference; that is to say, browse, but do not feel obligated to read cover-to-cover (if you did, you might be the first):

    K. Michael Hays, Editor, Architecture Theory since 1968 (Columbia Books on Architecture/MIT Press, 1998)

    Joan Ockman, Editor, with Edward Eigen, Architectural Culture 1943 � 1968 (Columbia Books on Architecture/ Rizzoli, 1993)

    If you get tired of all that, check out:

    Dave Hickey,
    Air Guitar (Distributed Art Publishers, 1997)

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    • david basulto

      huge comp mandatory
      which programs will you be teached to use?

      Sep 9, 04 12:44 am  · 

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