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    The Gym

    By Stewart Hicks
    Sep 9, '04 10:15 AM EST

    By now you all know how important muscle mass is to the profession of architecture. Princeton has not overlooked the physical aspect of our education by including the Dillon Gym and Stevens Fitness Center.

    By the numbers:

    29 pieces of selectorized equipment
    22 Nautilus:
    -Leg Press, Prone Leg Curl, Seated Leg Curl, Leg Extension (2), Hip Abduction, Hip Adduction, 10 degree Chest, Vertical Chest, Pec Fly, Super Pullover, Women's Pullover, Weight-Assisted Dip/Chin, Lateral Raise, Overhead Press, Preacher Curl, Tricep Extension, Abdominal, Rotary Torso, Low Back, Multi-Exercise and 4-Way Neck
    -2 Cybex
    -Rotary Hip and Rowing
    -5 Body Masters:-Cable Cross-over, Lat Pulldown (2) and Low Row (2)
    -1 stretching area
    -2 stretch machines (MedX and PreCor)
    -1 12' x 15' stretching mat (Resilite)
    -59 pieces of cardiovascular equipment
    -9 FreeClimbers (StairMaster; 2 types)
    -5 4000PTs (StairMaster)
    -1 StepMill (StairMaster)
    -10 Stratus upright cycles (StairMaster)
    -4 Stratus recumbent cycles (StairMaster)
    -2 AirDyne upright cycles (Schwinn)
    -15 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainers (Precor)
    -4 FreeRunners (StairMaster)
    -8 treadmills (Quinton and PreCor)
    -4 rowing ergometers (Concept II)
    -1 VersaClimber (Heart Rate, Inc.)

    9 pieces of plate-loaded equipment
    -4 Hammer Strength:-Leg Press, Seated Calf Raise, Chest/Back and Gripper
    -3 Cybex: Hack Squat, Leg Press and 45-Degree Donkey Calf
    -2 Body Masters:-Smith Machine and T-Bar Row

    -1 power rack (Body Masters)
    -1 squat rack (Trotter)
    -2 barbell racks (Cybex)
    -16 plate racks (Body Masters)
    -4 triple-tier dumbbell racks (York)
    -1 single-tier dumbbell rack (York)

    Miscellaneous weights
    -65 pairs of Iron Gym style dumbbells ranging from 5 to 120 pounds and -totaling 4,970 pounds (York)
    -20 fixed barbells ranging from 20 - 115 pounds and totaling 1,350 pounds (York)
    -240 plates ranging from 2.5 to 100 pounds and totaling 6,040 pounds (IronGrip)
    -16 1.25-pound plates (Ivanko)

    -8 Olympic benches (Nautilus):-4 supine, 2 incline, 1 decline and 1 military
    -8 utility benches (Nautilus):-4 supine, 3 adjustable incline (0-90 degrees) and 1 decline
    -2 preacher curl benches (Hammer Strength)

    -10 international power bars (York)
    -2 5-foot bars (York)
    -2 curl bars (York)
    -1 trap bar (Piedmont Design Associates)
    -12 pair Olympic spring collars (Piedmont Design Associates)

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