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    So Sorry

    By Stewart Hicks
    Sep 20, '04 11:39 PM EST

    I would like apologize for not writing anything for a while and unfortunately (or fortunately) tonight won't be the long-winded explanation of what has transpired. Hopefully I will get to that sooner rather than later.

    Short story short:

    We had a pin-up today. I was a nervous wreck but I think it went fairly well. I did my presentation in powerpoint which turned out to be the best possible decision. The lights were off and everyone was intently focused on the projection screen at the other end of the room. No one could see my trembling.

    The studio is concerned with what we deem as "normal". Most people are focusing on some aspect of the building code or similar regulating principle of building design. I won't be able to explain it well so please take my word that it is open ended enough for us to have individual projects but focused enough to feel that we are heading towards something. Maybe I'm just experiencing a temporary lack of critical ability rendering me unable to say anything negative.

    I'll spare you from ramblings about my project.

    My insecurities aside, studio has been a positive experience so far. Everyone is extremely intelligent and informed discussions are not hard to come by. I have been extremely impressed with the level of discourse in the studio. Liz Diller is insightful as a critic and receptive to what the students bring to the discussion.

    My tune may change after she rips into me for the first time.

    I have also had a chance to experience some of the facilities in a more intimate way than first day orienations permit. The non-architecture libraries are near the architecture building and book check out is easy. The architecture library is non-circulating which is shitty but it's located within the architecture building and is equiped with a scanning station, copy machine and abundant reading areas. Although computers are "required," the computer area in the buiilding is equipped with around 15-20 nice computers, 2 large color plotters, 1 color 8.5x11 printer, 1 b&w 8.5x11 printer and a larger desktop printer which prints on larger paper (vagueness due to lack of knowledge). I plotted a few pages and it was excedingly easy - ctrl P; enter and free large scale plots spit out.

    Again, I apologize for my lack of criticality. I'm sure my bitterness level will increase as the year wears on.

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    • liberty bell

      Stewart, don't strive for bitterness - as you say it WILL come soon, as you get exhausted and stressed out by the pressures of school...strive to keep a positive outlook that you are learning something from every experience, good and bad. The harsh critiques at the very least are something you can laugh about in later year!

      Sep 21, 04 4:45 pm  · 

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