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    The Living

    By Stewart Hicks
    Sep 6, '04 8:55 PM EST

    I live in Butler Housing with my girlfriend - labeled by the Housing Department as my �domestic partner.� It�s a two bedroom and is the only on-campus housing that will accommodate our cat, Lola. It feels like a trailer park for graduate students. It�s a long walk from campus but there�s a shuttle service - we�ll see how that goes. There is a community room for parties, a mini-laundry mat, and a computer cluster with 10 or so computers. The kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures are new but the floor is musty basement style linoleum.




    • huh? wait what? the university considers your cat Lola your "domestic partner"?
      let me tell you something, Ag, the place doesn;t just feel like a trailer looks like one.

      Sep 6, 04 11:32 pm  · 

      does lola also have an archinect membership?

      Sep 6, 04 11:32 pm  · 
      anatomical gift

      Thanks for the encouraging words. I went from a 1200 s.f. apt on Clark St. in Chicago to this 600 s.f. trailer park in the suburbs - it was a difficult move.

      Sep 6, 04 11:44 pm  · 

      weeeeell, that's way above average uk student accomodation, so don't complain...

      Sep 7, 04 5:03 am  · 

      are you going to hoist a sign decrying princeton's investment in a gehry while you live in the trailer park?

      Sep 7, 04 7:41 am  · 

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