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    The Town

    By Stewart Hicks
    Sep 7, '04 11:08 AM EST

    I�m going to give a first impression account of the town of Princeton. Admittedly, my opinion is biased and I have spent a limited amount of time here. I�ll try to keep it civil (pun intended).

    From what I can tell there are two streets: Route 1 and Nassau.

    I think Route 1 leads straight to hell. Well close�Newark. It�s a 70 mph six lane highway with stop lights every mile and endless strip malls. Nothing in the Chicago driving experience can prepare you for it � stopping, merging, accelerating, dodging. There are 15 strip malls in a one mile stretch, none of them labeled or visible from the street. Once you find yourself in a strip mall parking lot you need to fight for a parking space near the Super Mega Store where all you want to purchase is taco seasoning. Then if you want to go to the book store next door, you need to get back in your car and drive to the other end of the parking lot and start the routine over.


    Nassau is the walkable street in town. There are shops and small restaurants. Most everything on the street is overpriced but nice. PJ�s Pancake House is packed on Sunday morning but worth the wait. Triumph Brewery was good for dinner, great beer. There�s a movie theater with two theaters that is now showing Garden State and Vanity Fair. Fittingly, I saw Garden State there yesterday. Quote from the movie about NJ: �They do love their malls here.�


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    • Gabriel Duarte

      Great idea to show a bit of Princeton's life outside the university...
      I'll do that for Delft too!



      Sep 7, 04 11:37 am  · 

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