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Oct '06 - Feb '08

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    New Gazprom Tower in St. Petersburg to be Europe's tallest and greenest building?

    By inhabitat
    Feb 28, '08 1:42 PM EST

    The historic city of St. Petersburg in Russia will soon be home to the tallest and supposedly 'greenest' tower in Europe. The UK-based architectural firm RMJM was given a go by the Russian gas giant to build the new Gazprom Neft headquarters in the former Russian capital. Inhabitat


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      are you sure that this is not a Dubai project

      Shame on you RMJM...........

      Feb 28, 08 2:29 pm
      Sir Arthur Braagadocio

      interesting note about st petersburg is that the russian tzar who built it, I am an idiot for not remembering , built the city in what was marshland at all costs and more or less forced the issue of making it an urban location
      so its pretty interesting that europes tallest will now be built there

      Feb 28, 08 7:21 pm

      Hi Jill! we have a supertall thread discussing such projects. I just linked the populararchitects birdfeeder project - thanks for finding that one...

      when do you graduate or have you become a perpetual student?

      Feb 29, 08 11:12 am

      isn't the "tallest and greenest" an oxymoron?

      Feb 29, 08 3:27 pm

      it's not an oxymoron, necessarily, because of the economies of scale achieved in services and greater surface area=greater opportunity for harvesting energy... but I wonder if it will work.

      I also wonder if it will be empty... as metamechanic noted, the city didn't arise out of demand for real estate, it was forced into being so Russia could have a 'European' capitol.

      I bet the state is building this project.

      Mar 1, 08 6:38 pm
      Sir Arthur Braagadocio

      Peter the Great, petersburg

      Mar 2, 08 11:43 am
      vado retro

      hey only about half a million serfs died building that burg comrade...

      Mar 2, 08 10:08 pm

      beautiful building! don't know how i feel about sticking it among the classical architecture of the city though.

      Jul 8, 08 1:36 pm

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