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Oct '06 - Feb '08

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    By inhabitat
    Oct 8, '06 11:37 PM EST

    My second year is already looking a lot brighter than my first, which was filled with the expected first-year requirements like Structures 101 & Intro to Architectural History. This semester I'm looking at:

    Environments & Enclosures 2
    (I love this course - must be the secret engineer in me)

    Fundamentals of Digital Design
    a requirement towards Columbia blobitude

    Modern Housing, with Gwendolyn Wright

    Housing Studio with Lot-ek

    I really lucked out with this one and got my first choice of critics this semester - which seems especially lucky considering that our studio lottery went slightly awry and many students ended up with their 3rd or 4th choice of critic. I've been a big fan of Lot-ek for quite awhile and am very excited to work with them. We've got three different Lot-ekians (Ada, Giuseppe & Thomas) tag-team teaching together which is creating an interesting dynamic in our studio. My experience so far is that we getting a wealth of different opinions, advice and feedback at each review - it's like getting 3 professors for the price of one. So far, they've proven to be great teachers: insightful, inspiring and most importantly - encouraging and supportive - something I've yet to find with any of my critics up until now. So I'm excited..... knock on wood. I'm almost a little afraid to write this for fear that I might jinx myself and then the rest of the semester will be downhill. I might feel differently come final reviews, but things are looking bright so far. Now if only I had a little more time to sleep.

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