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    By inhabitat
    Oct 9, '06 12:01 AM EST

    Philip Nobel over at Metropolis Magazine has written a hilariously scathing critique of the typical characters you will find in any architecture student's review. From the Automaton to the Leaker the stereotypes are so spot-on, any current student of architecture is guaranteed to get a kick out of this article.

    Some of the stand-outs:

    The Automaton. Students come to architecture with a variety of academic backgrounds. Most bring fresh perspectives and an understanding of the complexities of the world, using them in the studio to, er, “inform” their designs. Not this guy. For him (invariably him) it's all architecture, all the time. Having never studied anything else””having never had an interest in anything else””he is not nagged by the doubt that erudition brings. He draws like a machine””and beautifully. But our poor critics will hunt in vain for an idea: Um, why did you do any of this? Warning. Warning. Does not compute.

    The Fashion Victim. The well-meaning intelligent student who loves architecture and wants to do it but cannot get the available critics to teach anything that is not inflected by the latest irrelevant mode. Um, how thick is a wall? Well, as Baudrillard said... End result: a successful career as a restaurateur. Yup

    The Leaker. The one who always loses it. He or she has been awake for three weeks. He or she has been totally misunderstood by his or her critic for six weeks. He or she has been dreaming things in his or her head that he or she is unable to draw on his or her piece of paper all of his or her immeasurably frustrating life. It's not incompetence, but there are, shall we say, some issues with creativity. We see before us one half-scratched pencil drawing, one limp tissue-paper model, and a thousand perfect La Tourette monasteries locked inside. You'd cry too.
    (Ouch - I think I may have been here before..)

    Recognize anyone here? Who are you?

    Designis Personae at Metropolis Magazine >


    • hobbitte

      This is absolutely hilarious.. I went throuogh the list and I must admit I went through all the different phases of stereotypes stated but if all goes according to 'the plan', (hence hypothetical as of now) I'm hoping to finish my final studio as 'the builder'.

      Oct 9, 06 4:07 am
      Chili Davis

      I'd like to think of myself as 'the builder.' However, in a studio headed by 'the bitter-ender,' this can be qhute a disheartening experience. I've definately seen a few 'leakers' in studios, and an 'automaton' too. Definately seen a 'flirt' or two.

      Oct 9, 06 10:50 am

      The Leaker me is.
      I know it is a medical problem, Depends help.
      Simply turn my frustration dial to high and bingo- the 13 headed La Tourette monster springs out of the box. At this point I will use irrationality to force my domination, as I should.

      Oct 9, 06 1:58 pm

      what? It seems I am all of these types at the same time...That's a very promising combination, don't you think? :-P

      Oct 20, 06 6:44 am

      Hi Jill,

      I just wanted to write a post to your post. I'm glad we know eachother :)

      I saw Philip's article a while back, and I thought it was pretty great. It took a good deal of courage to stamp those out, and I have always been a fan of Susan Szenasy's zine.

      Are there any additions you would make to Nobel's list of people? I would like to add one:

      The Thirty-Something Uncertain One
      The knowledgeable, worldly one who is a bit of a loner in the studio. He or she is not quite sure why he/she is back in school again, and is in that phase of discovery throughout. He/She likes to go home at a reasonable hour, is not willing to pull an all-nighter unless totally necessary, but let's face it, is it ever? Trying to get through the meaningless babble and personalities in order to divine a new approach and way of life, the Thirty-Something Uncertain One has tons to offer others, if they desire it, and is in many ways, happy to be back on campus. Only in academia is it possible to develop visionary ideas in incubators, and coupled with project/people management and communication skills, find them and rejoice!


      Nov 8, 06 11:25 pm

      Wow - that was so spot on. You nailed it, lady. Perhaps we should write to Philip to have him add it to the list?

      Thirty-something uncertain ones unite!

      Nov 9, 06 12:03 am

      Sure- let's do that. Let's write to Philip and promise him an additional array of personalities, taken from the ground up. I can think of a few others. Anyone else? Please add...

      Either way, let's grab lunch soon.
      Miki ;)

      Nov 11, 06 2:09 am

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