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    By inhabitat
    Apr 9, '07 4:53 PM EST

    This has very little to do with school but I love it. Good procrastination fodder....

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    A temporary flood sent avatars scrambling for the rooftops in several virtual places, including London, the Netherlands, and Ibiza. David de Rothschild, founder of Adventure Ecology, staged the global warming related flood in the popular virtual world Second Life. Read the National Geographic account for the full story. Apparently avatars were calm, some pub going avatars just climbed into boats and continued on with their pints while the conversation shifted to global warming.

    p.s. New Yorkers, don't forget to sign up for Sea of People, and you cannot send your avatar for this one!

    Via fiftyRX3


    • Arnaud M.

      We'll laugh about these propagandist scare tactics in a few years from now. Unfortunately, the environmentalist religion is gaining momentum to the expense of rational and evidence-based scientific theories. Yes the world might be warming up, but it still has to be proven that it is due to human, which I don't buy. So when I see that about second life, it makes me think about how much some people a far removed from the real world. That's when we don't hear any dissenting voice in the so-called scientific consensus that we should start to worry.

      Apr 10, 07 6:11 am

      yeah pollution's for pussies! if we cant prove anything, whhy should we care!!?

      didnt you listen to the guy, with the title, from the college, with the sweater..

      Apr 10, 07 11:08 pm

      60 minutes covered this a few weeks ago and Scientist that formerly thought like Arnaud have changed their tune.

      Apr 12, 07 8:29 am

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