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    "In general, serendipity is the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it."

    By Paulina
    Mar 23, '07 4:00 PM EST

    Do you think you know where it is that you are going? Is there a plan a picture a position in the field for which you aim? Do you find yourself one day obsessed, with articulating direction decisions days ahead. Do you find yourself the next, throwing all caution to the wind? One year laps the next and obstacles, successes tumble -amid tides of mutat interests. One year I think and the next I don't, the following is a year spent in reflection. At no one point does anything shift to "indefinite" but it inches always. Anxiety is exciting as much as it is a misarble emotion and love and perfection can be just as evil and comfort just as rigid and deblitating. When inside I feel myself fleeting, my participation flees. Everything inside wants stability and yet - Is it something of the human condition to always be driven to where? Collectively we fear we flee we say NO you have to go THIS way, and accomplishment meas THAT and where is the other? Is it in the decades to follow when you look back and can assess away?

    I went to school and the atmosphere was to be NEXT. And the materials were to be smooth and shiny and forward thinking. And behind there was this craft and outside there was yet more that just wasnt decided upon to be important enough at whatever time. Do I care about modernism, Do I care about minimalism and do I know if I believe in form or ornament.. It all turns to dirt and trees and grass - is that architecture?

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