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  • "In general, serendipity is the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it."

    By Paulina
    Mar 23, '07 4:00 PM EST

    Do you think you know where it is that you are going? Is there a plan a picture a position in the field for which you aim? Do you find yourself one day obsessed, with articulating direction decisions days ahead. Do you find yourself the next, throwing all caution to the wind? One year laps the next and obstacles, successes tumble -amid tides of mutat interests. One year I think and the next I don't, the following is a year spent in reflection. At no one point does anything shift to "indefinite" but it inches always. Anxiety is exciting as much as it is a misarble emotion and love and perfection can be just as evil and comfort just as rigid and deblitating. When inside I feel myself fleeting, my participation flees. Everything inside wants stability and yet - Is it something of the human condition to always be driven to where? Collectively we fear we flee we say NO you have to go THIS way, and accomplishment meas THAT and where is the other? Is it in the decades to follow when you look back and can assess away?

    I went to school and the atmosphere was to be NEXT. And the materials were to be smooth and shiny and forward thinking. And behind there was this craft and outside there was yet more that just wasnt decided upon to be important enough at whatever time. Do I care about modernism, Do I care about minimalism and do I know if I believe in form or ornament.. It all turns to dirt and trees and grass - is that architecture?

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  • Urban Planning

    By Paulina
    Mar 10, '07 8:26 PM EST

    Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky-tacky, Little boxes, little boxes, Little boxes, all the same. There's a green one and a pink one And a blue one and a yellow one And they're all made out of ticky-tacky And they all look just the same. And the people in the houses All go to... View full entry

  • Lo siento!

    By Paulina
    Oct 20, '05 12:52 PM EST

    I have returned albeit several thousand miles removed from UIC. Currently I am studying abroad for the semester in Barcelona, Spain. It is a trip that is proving well worth the money and time invested. I took last year off from my graduate program to be able to participate in this trip. We started... View full entry


    By Paulina
    Jun 21, '05 7:23 PM EST

    architect An overworked and underpaid employee - of a pretentious registered practitioner of the arts (a prat). Many years in tertiary education have left the 'architect' bitter and in debt - and unable to relate to the remainder of society.I am an 'architect' - the rest of you are unimaginative... View full entry

  • My restless midwest

    By Paulina
    Jun 9, '05 10:38 AM EST


    By Paulina
    Jun 8, '05 7:56 PM EST UMPH.. going June 15th for student day.... im so excited. View full entry

  • Detroit's defibrillator

    By Paulina
    Jun 8, '05 1:39 PM EST

  • I Fluff : Turn household garbage into building materials

    By Paulina
    May 25, '05 10:13 AM EST

    copied from another outside blog : Fluff is produced by the Bouldin Corporation, which is made up of three companies Bouldin and Lawson, WastAway Services, and Composite Products of America. Together this trio of companies takes regular unsorted... View full entry

  • Form follows Function?

    By Paulina
    May 25, '05 10:11 AM EST

    Last night I went over to the Gene Siskel Film Center and saw “Tall: The American Skyscraper and Louis Sullivan” . The film is touted as being “remarkably poetic” and I suppose a few of the final montages touch upon some social subtleties extensions within our... View full entry

  • Destiny's Child

    By Paulina
    May 24, '05 11:20 AM EST

    Picture a gargantuan shopping complex in upstate New York -- a so-called "retail city" big enough to make Mall of America look like a five-and-dime -- with thousands of shops plus restaurants, theaters, hotels, a high-tech research park for commercial R&D, and a sprawling, climate-controlled... View full entry

  • Bruce Mau Lecture in Chicago

    By Paulina
    May 23, '05 11:35 AM EST

    Bruce Mau (born 25 Oct 1959, Sudbury) is a Canadian designer whose work addresses the design culture that permeates all aspects of everyday life and allows Bruce Mau Design (BMD), a Toronto design studio, has gained wide recognition for a broad range of projects, including identity articulation... View full entry

  • Experiment at home

    By Paulina
    May 7, '05 3:07 PM EST

    Experiment at home All you need is a friend, a freestanding cardboard screen, and a fake hand. It would be ideal if you had a rubber hand, such as you might buy at a Halloween store, but it will also work if you just trace your hnad on a sheet of blank paper. Lay your real hand on a tabletop a few... View full entry

  • "Being an architect is not about architecture, being an architect is an attitude ?"

    By Paulina
    Apr 12, '05 10:33 PM EST

    Excerpt from Being There by Felix Claus and Kees Kaan ... Found this while going through the readings I have collected over the last 5 years of school.... "The will to architecturei s tedious, even irritating. All that striving after originality is fatal. WHat would architects make if they were... View full entry

  • Roderick

    By Paulina
    Apr 8, '05 2:20 PM EST

    I met a man named Roderick yesturday at the Amoco gas Station on Ashland and 290. He sleeps in the doorway of the trucker's union building and used to briefly work for the gas station at the car wash before it got shut down. He asked if he could pump my gas for me - "can I earn the dollar?" After... View full entry

  • Not Architecture

    By Paulina
    Apr 7, '05 7:00 PM EST

    OBVIOUSLY this isnt architecture. Its still interesting nonetheless.. A photo of Civil defense training trip in Russia. Events like that took place mostly in the 30s-40s and some even in the 50-s. Most of the people pictured are actually children View full entry

  • a bit of a stream of conciousness

    By Paulina
    Apr 7, '05 6:44 PM EST

    My feelings about school. Honest here really this isn't a reason for myself to shroud my insecurities. I think everyone has them as much as they are confident, afterall what is the ying without the yang? Lately Ive been struggling to figure out how Id like to practice what Ive learned. Not just in... View full entry

  • Leftovers in the southloop.

    By Paulina
    Feb 27, '05 12:00 AM EST

  • Wired picks on Rem

    By Paulina
    Feb 26, '05 1:26 AM EST

    from the Wired awards... (regardless to what you may think of Wired magazine post-op) Latest hit: The new crown jewel of Seattle. Koolhaas and his firm, OMA, didn't set out to build a house of books. The architects wanted to crack a bigger problem: how to store information. "A library has to adapt... View full entry

  • American Mile Markers

    By Paulina
    Feb 24, '05 3:34 PM EST

    An interesting photography project. A photo for every mile in America? Pretty stunning.... this is one hell of an elevation/section ;) View full entry

  • Rooftop Landscape

    By Paulina
    Feb 23, '05 10:52 PM EST

    Studying at UIC always has had this overtone of urban planning. You do alot of site analysis and "spatial" studies that, after 6 years sometimes feel daunting and drab. Perhaps it is for good reason in the long run, especially for those settled into the big city, to build a general awareness of... View full entry

  • Maybe last year...

    By Paulina
    Feb 16, '05 3:37 PM EST

    YOU KNOW YOU'RE IN ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL WHEN. . . 1. ...the alarm clock tells you when to go to sleep. 2.'re not ashamed of drooling in class anymore, especially in the Structures lecture. 3. know what UHU tastes like. 4. CELEBRATE space and OBSERVE your birthday. 5. View full entry

  • Architext -ture

    By Paulina
    Feb 14, '05 12:49 AM EST

    Over the weekend I made it to the Art Institute to see the Ten Visions for Chicago Exhibit by local architects. Well it was very, "graphic" in ways that seem the fad as of late. Not that Im complaining because representing architectural ideas has come along ways in the last decade it seems... I... View full entry

  • Late Nights or Early Mornings

    By Paulina
    Feb 6, '05 8:03 AM EST

    I miss being in studio courses. View full entry

  • Tonight in Chicago

    By Paulina
    Jan 31, '05 11:17 AM EST

    I would highly recommend going to see this author. He has in his books, brought the essance of life of this city into a very ernest illustration of how people appropriate and function in their environment. View full entry

  • A bit on Portfolio

    By Paulina
    Jan 26, '05 3:12 PM EST

    Philip Johnson died today, at the age of 98. That is pretty decent, I think”¦all the architects that are known, they live such long lives. Perhaps it is something to do with the kindof work they do? I don't know but its pretty amusing. Id like to think Id live as long. Last year my... View full entry

  • Jumping Through Hoops

    By Paulina
    Jan 25, '05 12:49 PM EST

    It looks as if my trip for New Zealand has a greater and greater chance of happening. I have approached my company in an attempt to gain sponsorship and have spoken to several professors about various "earth-first" businesses to which I can pitch my ambition. I have one donation made and am... View full entry

  • Cour·te·sy Joke

    By Paulina
    Jan 24, '05 10:26 PM EST

    "If an astronaut gets an asteroid, and a carpenter gets a hemorrhoid...what does the architect get? ..... a Frankenloid right?" I don't know wheather to laugh or cry..... View full entry

  • This Is Spring Semester?

    By Paulina
    Jan 24, '05 2:10 AM EST

    Photo of developing block on Roosevelt & Blue Island, part of "Roosevelt Square" a consequence of the university's recent expansion into the near South Side. Located between the high end "University Village" and the Abla Fosco Housing Projects, its an interesting moment in development, a... View full entry

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