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    Lo siento!

    By Paulina
    Oct 20, '05 12:52 PM EST

    I have returned albeit several thousand miles removed from UIC. Currently I am studying abroad for the semester in Barcelona, Spain. It is a trip that is proving well worth the money and time invested. I took last year off from my graduate program to be able to participate in this trip. We started off in Paris for two weeks and since September have set up shop in an independent space in a residential area of BCN. Our project is refreshing, the environment and culture challanging and the experience probabbly not as much appreciated as it will be once I return - hindsight is 20/20? Anyhow, I hope to return to blogging this properly and in the meantime let me dazzle you with some pictures.

    Well... all the other pictures, if you are interested are located

    includes alot of other "architectural gems"...



      GREAT!...have you had any coooool Spaniards come in for crits?

      Oct 20, 05 6:45 pm  · 
      Oliver Bayliss

      I think you've made a good choice. I'm here in Barcelona too studying at UPC (ETSAB). I'm here for the whole year rather then the one semester. For me I'm finding that I'm learning things that I would never be taught back home in London.....and I love the city!

      Oct 23, 05 1:24 pm  · 

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