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    By Paulina
    Jun 8, '05 7:56 PM EST

    UMPH.. going June 15th for student day.... im so excited.


    • TED

      you should go monday [bruce mau] and tues [Hani Rashid] and all the parties monday night [dont know when the martini party is but dont miss it]

      it cost $0 to go through all the showrooms and the main programs and by wednesday everybody is gone and the place has cleared out. plenty of food in the morning lunch + dinner. theres always a great boat party which is free but you have to have a ticket -- cant remember which show room does it -- i think it is a carpet group--get there monday early, ask around. worth the effort.

      Jun 8, 05 9:51 pm  · 
      vado retro

      i was thinking about driving up but am going to have a root canal instead. nice way to spend a vacation day.

      Jun 8, 05 11:32 pm  · 

      root canal! ask for the amoxicilin afterwards =)

      Jun 9, 05 10:40 am  · 

      TED i wish i could, but I am limited into how much time I want to take off because I am leaving my job in 23 days to travel. I heard Bruce Mau speak a couple weeks ago at the AI, and as far as the parties, they sound fantastic but alas i have no time, moving and preparing to leave the states is a huge hassle but ill certainly keep all this in mind for next year =)

      Jun 9, 05 10:42 am  · 

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