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    By Paulina
    Feb 14, '05 12:49 AM EST

    Over the weekend I made it to the Art Institute to see the Ten Visions for Chicago Exhibit by local architects. Well it was very, "graphic" in ways that seem the fad as of late. Not that Im complaining because representing architectural ideas has come along ways in the last decade it seems... I especially liked Joe Valerio's interactive exhibit which placed you somewhere in between space and time of a forced perspective. 4 out of the 10 architects showing are also professors at my school so that made me feel proud. I liked how for each room there was also a book asking a critical question to which people could write their responses to... aside from the actual spaces this was the most accessible point of the exhibit. I am still weary about the language used to convey these ideas, and there were many great ones that crossed paths into other mediums and professions... its just the laguage used to describe them still seemed a bit lacking of a concious effort to get at the average joe.. but maybe thats a tact of preserving a level of professional elitism.. who knows.... worth seeing though.

    I am excitied to go see the Bodies in Motion exhibit.. maybe this weekend at the Science and Industry Museum.. now that is a great sketch opportunity!

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