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    This Is Spring Semester?

    By Paulina
    Jan 24, '05 2:10 AM EST

    Photo of developing block on Roosevelt & Blue Island, part of "Roosevelt Square" a consequence of the university's recent expansion into the near South Side. Located between the high end "University Village" and the Abla Fosco Housing Projects, its an interesting moment in development, a crossroads of fabrics of different times and social groups. Interesting to see if it will eat itself or actually exemplify some type of cosistant integration... but judging by how the University has steadily influenced the neighborhoods surrounding i fear the latter is a lost cause.... Starbuck's anyone?

    Spring Semester has begun. Had I made different choices I would be graduating this April. However, because of the constricting rules of the university, and not the school of architecture itself... it seems as if I am not allowed to graduate following a semester abroad (i.e. my anticipated trip to Barcelona- Fall 2005.) Therefore I have to extend my stay here another full year instead of just half, means I will graduate May 2006. Which is fine by me. It is allowing me to be able to t.a., work part time and be in school full time (sans studio) and persue my work outside of all this.. painting, making cartoons, etc... I don't understand what all the rush is for.

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