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    cranbrook advice

    Doug Johnston
    Feb 28, '06 10:22 AM EST

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    cranbrook advice, originally uploaded by estimmel.

    eric found this in one of the thesis books


    • liberty bell

      The library IS amazing. Spend time in there.

      The grounds ARE amazing. Spend time out there.

      Working through frustration simply by getting back to production is excellent advice.

      As for the other suggestions, I equally agree and disagree with all of them. They are all right, and they are all wrong.

      Oh, and I was one who left after second semester, which was both dumb and an excellent choice (then I came back - which was only excellent).

      Feb 28, 06 11:29 am

      unrelated to this particular cranbrook advice, but tangential to the post:

      i always think it's fun when people add things into their thesis books that don't necessarily belong in such a serious document. i saw it in the books of others before me, so when i did my thesis i added a little appendix.

      my project was a theatre on a barge, a floating theater meant to replace one that had served the chesapeake bay area in the 30s-40s but burned in the late 40s. my appendix was a photograph of my final model in flames.

      i'm not sure anyone else ever saw it since the book was submitted after graduation and filed in the library stacks.

      Feb 28, 06 1:00 pm
      liberty bell

      Ha! Very funny Steven. I used a quote from Pynchon in the beginning of my thesis book, a very opaque reference to female Ninjettes and a body inhabiting a room. All of my photographs are actual photographs, mounted with little photo corners on the book pages, and I'm sure some of them are falling out or missing by now. Oh well.

      The thesis book room at Cranbrook is an amazing place to spend time and I am certain that there are all kinds of wacky things people put int heir books after the fact.

      Feb 28, 06 1:12 pm

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