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    lots of space

    Doug Johnston
    Jan 9, '06 11:49 PM EST

    today was the first day of class at CAA, although 3 of my housemates are still not back yet. Each department does things a little differently around here. Architecture tends to be the play by the book/traditional department when it comes to scheduling.

    I got back on in town on wednesday after visiting family and friends in Tulsa and Dallas and as i drove by the studio i was thinking, "that damn trailer better be out of the studio!" I then saw that it was actually being towed out of the studio as i was driving by. nice.

    Though, its not going anywhere for now except the corner of the parking lot by the art museum. In my next post i'll talk about how the trailer project ended- it might bring a little insight into the nature of cranbrook.
    I'll also speak about the final crits, my work, etc., and show some images.

    Today we moved the walls back into their perpendicular postions and we moved into our huge spaces. its sooooo nice to have so much space to work with. I think i have about 5 times as much studio space as i did in undergrad. I'll post a few pics of that soon.

    its good to be back in studio

    as always, check out my classmates' blogs:

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    • liberty bell

      Looking forward to some pics of the big empty space, and then the subsequent dirtying up and stuff that fills it. Also, how were the crits with Kaplan/Krueger?

      Ever curious - liberty bell

      Jan 10, 06 9:59 am

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