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    Doug Johnston
    Nov 9, '05 1:28 AM EST

    Today i saw Fiona Raby of Dunne and Raby lecture. It was quite nice and exciting work in many ways. A theme that has been resurfacing over and over here in our discussions and in our seminar this semester has been non-convential ways of practicing as an architect/designer/artist. Their work as designers definetly is an exciting approach and worth checking out.

    This past weekend was Fanfare, a huge fundraising event for the Art Academy that happens every fall. Basically guests pay lots of money to come eat dinner in the studios, mingle with the students about their work, and then go to the museum for desert, booze, and some smooth jazz. It was a lot of fun actually, but a lot of work preparing our studio for guests. We went all out, a studio-wide effort to transform the space.

    Mikolaj, thomas, and yuji made some amazing table cover/placemats which were all laser cut specifically for the tableware and included a punch-out cardboard piece that folded into a to-go bag, which was strategically loaded with a CD-mini portfolio of all the architecture students' work.

    Bill and yuji and brian made this big thing that was bizzarre and amazing... it looked like a bowling pin mixed with willy wonka forms, laced with eliel saarinen window patterns.

    It was meant to be a banner to draw guests to the architecture department, and bill was going to ride around inside of it on his segway, but it buckled in half on the way to the museum. so yuji fixed quickly with some hot glue and it became the centerpiece for the table. Though, when it combined with the warped-form panels that andy and i made, it all combined to look like a cardboard frank ghery thing... totally not our intention, it was sick anyway, yo. Everyone else worked on some really awesome signs, the portfolio slideshow, light boxes, candles, cleaning, moving things, etc. It was a big effort and it got kind of stressful a bit towards the end, but then we all got a bit boozed at the event and had a good time.

    A few days before that Bob McAnulty was here as a visiting critic for our seminar and our weekly crits. He is very well read and a keen critic. He gave us some good advice for the trailer at the crit and i got good feedback from him during a desk crit.

    The trailer project is advancing, but not without the usual disagreement and all the things that go along with group projects. We came up with a from and path today that will enable us to finish up the project nicely. Lots of pics coming soon...

    (photos above by eric and yuji on their flickr sites)

    check out my classmates' work!!!


    • liberty bell

      I'm so sad that this post was only up so briefly on the discussions page beacuse I loooove how it shows the work/living activity in the studio. The placemats are awesome and remind me of the blueprint we made of the dinner we gave for Susanna Torre, I think I've told this story several times on archinect so won't repeat it unless asked. Anyway the placemets are great and the bowling pin is absolutely gorgeous. Did any of the super-wealthy guests realize that their dinner table was a trailer bed?!

      Keep up the great work, I love it.

      Nov 9, 05 11:05 pm
      Eric Stimmel

      yo doug... thanks for keeping the world informed about us...

      Nov 10, 05 4:26 pm
      Eric Stimmel

      hmm... links are not working above:
      andy =
      casey =
      maybe you can fix it... i don't seem to be able to...

      Nov 10, 05 4:28 pm

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