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    dirty dirty fingernails

    Doug Johnston
    Oct 16, '05 9:22 PM EST

    One of the first things to do to the trailer was to strip it down to its structure so we could really start to work with it. We ended up cutting off all the strap bars on along the sides as well as ripping off the steel and wood decks.
    these images are about 3 weeks old... sorry.

    we had to score the steel on the top with a grinder, then pry it off with a breaker bar. it was ridiculously tough work, but very satisfying. this is Matt working on the first section.

    we learned how to use the oxy/acetylene torch that day, here's Yuji firing it up.

    the steel deck on top was about 3/16 thick welded continously along the perimiter of the frame. the wood deck was 2x12's bolted to the beams.

    john went to town with the grinder

    as the welds on the perimeter were cut, we shoved in CMU's and a jack to help rip the welds apart, then john would score a line acroos the bed which we would rip apart with the breaker bar. The huge sheets were then cut into smaller chucnks with the torch so that we could carry them.

    we worked in sections to reveal the bare structure. Matt, Thomas, and Casey check it out.

    we has to becareful to avoid cutting the wires

    ed beats the crap out of the deck

    ed works on ripping out the old wood deck. All the bolts holding the wood on were completely rsted so we had to tear/shred/rip/break most of the wood out. messy work.


    • liberty bell

      Oh jeez how did I miss your first two posts, especially after ether sent me the links to his!! Anyway, belatedly, I'm so excited about this blog even though it makes me miss Cranbrook so much - there is not a more beautiful place on earth during autumn...

      The studio looks great - a much-cleaned-up version of the scruffy warehouse I recall, but so functional with the moving walls - I love the changes. Kitchen looks better too - you really can make a fabulous meal for twenty-five in there - any pics of the conference table, or has it been auctioned off?

      The trailer project is awesome and such a good way to get all the students working right away. Steven raised a good point with the fetishization of little existing details in the trailer, do you destroy them or expand them? Can a bolt connection be expanded as a metaphor for the entire program? Is there irony in the relationship between the weight of steel vs. wood and how they are used for padding and sheathing? A very fertile project...can't wait to see more.

      Oct 17, 05 1:50 pm

      Cut 'n' Paste

      Oct 17, 05 2:15 pm
      brian buchalski

      boy, its been years since i touched an oxy/acetyline torch. i am still amazed by how much work that was...even just holding the damn for my scrawny little college boy arms was tiring. much heavier that a lead holder.

      Oct 17, 05 5:21 pm

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