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    video: steel drop

    Doug Johnston
    Feb 2, '06 2:34 PM EST

    So buzznet now hosts video (awesome) so i thought i would try this out.

    This is a video of an 8'x8' section of 3/16" treadplate that we ripped off the deck of the trailer.


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      are you paying tuition?

      Feb 2, 06 5:37 pm
      liberty bell

      Oh, man, that looks so fun! I hope you warned the people at the other end of the studio that you were about to do this!

      Feb 2, 06 6:05 pm
      Doug Johnston

      yes, cranbrook is not free.

      it was fun, but also really damn heavy. we had to move about 4 of those them torch them into smaller pieces.

      Feb 3, 06 12:12 am

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