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    first post... newnesses

    Doug Johnston
    Sep 29, '05 4:15 PM EST

    Some very exciting things happening in the architecture studio at cranbrook this year:
    Bill Massie as new Architect-in-residence
    Frist Semester project (optional for second years): trailer
    New tools: laser cutter and CNC router
    new metalshop space
    larger woodshop
    new computers (sometime soon)
    renovated studio building

    I have info and photos of all this stuff which i'll be posting in the next few days.

    My experience here so far has been great and i think its going to be an incredible 2 years. The first 2.5 weeks have gotten off to a kind of slow start due to all the new things listed above, but mostly its been really wonderful. I don't have internet access at my house and the studio computer lab was down for a while, but now i have more regular access and the blogging will begin...

    I'll start off with some links to check out:
    Cranbrook Academy of Art
    Cranbrook Architecture dept. (new page in the works)
    Massie Architecture (this hasn't been updated in like 2 years)
    Architecture studio blogs (eric is currently updating this)
    this blog will be somewhat of a mirror of my cranbrook blog (which i haven't posted to yet...), since i plan to post most of the same info to both locations, but i think the archinect blog will have a greater number of viewers who are more informed about architecture so the posts on this blog will probably reflect that.


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      I have a couple of questions that may seem a little silly, but I am fully intent on inquiring anyway.

      I am assuming you're a graduate student (from what I gathered at the websites), so where did you earn your undergraduate degree? How many years were you there to obtain it?

      What made you choose Cranbrook Academy of Art?

      and, of course...

      Why did you choose architecture for a major, and what do you plan to do with yourself once you're out of school?

      I hope none of those require much thought, but if they do, take your time in answering.

      Sep 30, 05 12:38 am
      Doug Johnston

      Yes, cranbrook academy of art is a gradaute school, no undergradute degrees are offered.
      I got my graduate degree from Drury University in Springfield, MO, i was there 5.5 years to get two undergraduate degrees: BArch and a BArts in studio art.
      I chose cranbrook because for many reasons. It gives the student incredible freedom to explore their own work and ideas, generous studio space, good shop facilities, etc. There are no classes or cirricullums, so students are expected to be very self-motivated and disciplined. Cranbrook's architecture department has a great reputation and a history of hands on experimentation often at full scale. Being in an art academy, there is hardly any distinction between art and architecture here, in fact any student in any department is allowed and typically encouraged to work in any medium or department that is relevant to their explorations. Bill Massie is the new architect-in residence in the arch. dept. and after a few phone conversation with him, conversations with others about him, and review of his work i decided he would be a great person to have as a critic for my work and for the department's future. Here there is only one faculty member per department, so the dialogue between the fellow studio members is just as important and rigorous as it is with the department head, and input from directors of other departments is highly encouraged.

      I chose architecture because i decided wanted to be an architect when i about 4 or 5 years old. After school i will probaly work for a while until i get licensed, then try to begin teaching. I hope to have a small practice while i teach, which will ideally be a very multi-disciplinary practice.

      Sep 30, 05 11:52 pm

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