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    Doug Johnston
    Dec 10, '05 6:41 PM EST

    so besides the trailer project (see previous posts), and fanfare, I've done a few other things this semester which i'm excited about.
    I made a 4-person pencil, which was a sketch model for a 6-person pencil that i want to make next semester.
    Photo Hosted at
    I learned how to use the vacuum forming machine in the 3D-design department early in the semester and made a wall-mounted ipod holder for my desk, in which i still need to cut ahole for the scrool wheel:
    Photo Hosted at
    also there was that anual raft regatta in which every department makes a raft in 24 hours based on rules written by the previous year's winning department. We made a steel tube raft that used 4 tires from the trailer as the floatation devices. it was really heavy and slow (i was one of the 3 people rowing on the raft). plus that race was at night and it was ridiculously cold outside to be in a lake.
    Photo Hosted at
    casey even made these paddles in the shop:
    Photo Hosted at
    I also made a placemat for the fanfare charrette which places a speaker over/next to your meal and a holder for an ipod so that you can listen to music whilst you dine. Since i have stopped working on the trailer, a variation of this for 4 people has become my first real project at cranbrook. I'll post pics of that soon, for now here are images of the original for 1-person. It was also my first project to use the laser cutter.
    Photo Hosted at
    Photo Hosted at
    Photo Hosted at Buzznet.comPhoto Hosted at
    Photo Hosted at

    Other than these, my time was spent devising/designing schemes for the trailer, which perhaps i'll post next, with some shots of the trailer as it has been finished.
    Its snowing nearly everyday here, and its cold, very cold. i am getting used to it and i like it qite a bit actually. The studio has been very active lately as everyone prepares for final reviews. Our guest critics are supposed to be Ted Krueger and his ex-partner Ken Kaplan, who once published a pamphlet architecture book of their work. Should be good...

    check out the work:


    • driftwood

      I should have gone to Cranbrook...

      Awesome work, man.

      Dec 11, 05 1:46 pm
      liberty bell

      Wow, I'm jealous that Ted Krueger and Ken Kaplan are critting you guys, that pamphlet book had a huge affect in me lo those many years ago.

      Work looks great. (Yes, driftwood, you should have gone to Cranbrook.) I'm really, really interested in the dining place setting as it relates to the history of decorative arts, particularly in domestic settings, at Cranbrook. It's easy to imagine the table setting expanding to affect table, chair, floor, walls, room interior. Those blankets Lloja Saarinen wove that are attached to the wall behind a bench seat and drape down over the bench and onto the floor - cocooning in a small designated space within a larger space. I'm rambling, really out of sorts this morning, and feeling nostalgic about the cold studio and the snow-covered walka cross campus to get there. I should stop reading this blog!

      Good luck with the end of one semester and the beginning of a brand new one, Doug!

      Oh and a quick story - the raft race used to bea downhill road race for a few years, one year the rules included "vehicle must have a smell detectable from 10 feet away" so one of the teams set up a grill on theirs and grilled burgers as they rolled down the hill. Good times.

      Dec 12, 05 11:02 am

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