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    Mechanical System

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Nov 19, '05 10:40 AM EST

    My most important class this semester is ARE 590. Integrated Building System Design. (3) [Methods for integration and coordination of structural, mechanical, electrical, and lighting systems in the building architectural design process.]

    Every team in the class is given the same building, this semester an office building for an advertising company.

    I'm in a team of four, and we each take different leadership positions throughout the semester.

    Pictured here from right to left:
    Nick is the electrical system leader.
    Brandon was the mechanical system leader.
    Julia was the plumbing system leader.

    I was the structural system leader (even though my first choice was electrical).

    For our mechanical system, we choose a geo-thermal heat pump system.

    This is a site plan, with the 84 ground loops located south of the building underneath the parking lot.

    Here is a diagram of the air-side of our system. We routed our exhaust and relief air through an energy recovery ventilator, which lowered our ourside air from 90 degrees in the summer to 77 degrees coming into the building and heat pump.

    We had a big workroom (100' x 130') with 54" deep joists running across the 100' span. In this area, we placed six heat pumps within the joist space, as one is shown in this detail.

    I will post more as I have time.


    • Matthew Peterworth

      Be aware that I am an architectural engineering student. Please don't rag on me if you don't like the architecture of this project. This is strictly design of the engineering systems.

      Nov 19, 05 10:46 am  · 

      Having gone through the architecture program at k-state I have looked through your entries over the last semester+ and question their relevance in comparison to the other students blogs.

      i.e. apples to oranges

      not to be mean but i think you are skewing the perception of ksu due to your being an engineering student and not an architectural one. take comfort in the fact that your salary when you graduate will support this theory.....

      on the other hand maybe someone in grain science wants to take over the blog...... (ksu architecture students take a hint)

      Nov 19, 05 2:11 pm  · 
      vado retro

      fyi exhaust your restooms separately.

      Nov 21, 05 6:23 am  · 

      I agree with the comments left by mobarchitecture. Why give the wrong impression about the program by posting engineering work? He has hit the nail right on the head except he left out some key points...

      No one interested in design can bare to look at your crappy drawings let alone of you and the "crew" standing around a drafting desk. Get over yourself. You are pissing all of the alumni off. Give this blog to a REAL designer or at least copy a format from another school - that would be better than posting that God aweful work. I have seen better stuff come out of the landscape department.

      ps - Ray Charles could have done those line weights better. R U blind?

      *Architects don't control anything, engineers aren't creative, and the developers call all the shots. Don't work up the latter - own it.

      Jan 6, 06 1:32 pm  · 

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