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    Pics of Local Catholic Church

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Apr 1, '05 2:05 AM EST

    Last semester for my Architectural Engineering Design class, I had to write a ten page paper evaluating any building I wanted. It was due the Monday of finals week, and the procrastinator that I am, the weekend came and I had not even started yet. I figured, why not evaluate the Catholic Church. I could attend Mass and pray for good grades while I'm there evaluating it!

    So here are some pics of St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Manhattan, Kansas:


    • a summary of your evaluation?

      Apr 1, 05 8:44 am  · 

      why go for so long with out a post then decide to put something worthless like this on? this is not a good showing of kansas state's architecture program. or surroundings.

      Apr 1, 05 11:35 am  · 
      Ms Beary

      i would love to see your evaluation

      Apr 1, 05 12:55 pm  · 
      David Cuthbert

      with the exception of the rose window and the cross within the bell tower, there is little if no distinction between this and a WinnDixie. At least from the exterior.

      The stone work looks nice - I bet its fake.

      And i bet its also one of those fully air conditioned churches too...what ever happened to freezing ur ass off in church - warmed only by the candles?

      Apr 1, 05 1:20 pm  · 


      You could choose any building you wanted in the whole world and you picked a catholic church in Manhattan, KS. Looks like you really went all out, way to go, your professors should be proud.

      Who needs Ove Arup or Calatrava when you have the Ebert Design Group in KS.

      Apr 1, 05 5:13 pm  · 

      oh...i get it..this is an april fool's joke....for a while, i was embarrassed for you.

      Apr 1, 05 5:15 pm  · 

      When I was in structures we had to analyze buildings in the city we lived in so we could spend some time analyzing it. It wasn't about a magnificent building, but understanding basic construction principles and how they were implemented in real life. Maybe another building would have been more interesting, but give him a break. Are you telling me none of you slacked in another class because you were spending all of your time in studio? If he posts a crappy analysis of the building then you can rip him a new one.

      Apr 1, 05 7:11 pm  · 

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