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  • Mechanical System

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Nov 19, '05 10:40 AM EST

    My most important class this semester is ARE 590. Integrated Building System Design. (3) [Methods for integration and coordination of structural, mechanical, electrical, and lighting systems in the building architectural design process.]

    Every team in the class is given the same building, this semester an office building for an advertising company.

    I'm in a team of four, and we each take different leadership positions throughout the semester.

    Pictured here from right to left:
    Nick is the electrical system leader.
    Brandon was the mechanical system leader.
    Julia was the plumbing system leader.

    I was the structural system leader (even though my first choice was electrical).

    For our mechanical system, we choose a geo-thermal heat pump system.

    This is a site plan, with the 84 ground loops located south of the building underneath the parking lot.

    Here is a diagram of the air-side of our system. We routed our exhaust and relief air through an energy recovery ventilator, which lowered our ourside air from 90 degrees in the summer to 77 degrees coming into the building and heat pump.

    We had a big workroom (100' x 130') with 54" deep joists running across the 100' span. In this area, we placed six heat pumps within the joist space, as one is shown in this detail.

    I will post more as I have time.

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  • Fall Line-up

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Sep 22, '05 11:38 AM EST

    Reinforced Concrete Structures Steel Structures Integrated Building Systems Building Communication Systems Soil Mechanics 15 hours I am excited about Integrated because it is my first design class where I get to incorporate all of the classes I've had. We are given plans like we would from an... View full entry

  • Basement on a Hill

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Apr 27, '05 3:07 AM EST

    The title of this entry is a reference to the Elliot Smith album. Also, part 3 of our 5 part KC lighting tour had us in a high-end residential basement (on a hill). Again, the lighting design was by Derek Porter. What really sets this space apart is that it is almost exclusively lit with... View full entry

  • KC Public Library

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Apr 27, '05 2:41 AM EST

    Part 2 of our 5 part lighting tour was the KC Public Library. I forgot to mention that Derek Porter of Derek Porter Studio was lighting designer for both the Bartel Hall renovation and the update to the KC Public Library, which we are about to see. View full entry

  • Bartel Hall Renovation (Kansas City)

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Apr 27, '05 2:23 AM EST

    My Lighting Class toured the new renovation of Bartel Hall / Kansas City Convention City today. Here are some pics. If you don't like the architecture, that's fine. This is an excellent place to discuss that kind of stuff. The pictures focus on the light fixtures and I tried to get as many as I... View full entry

  • Pics of Local Catholic Church

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Apr 1, '05 2:05 AM EST

    Last semester for my Architectural Engineering Design class, I had to write a ten page paper evaluating any building I wanted. It was due the Monday of finals week, and the procrastinator that I am, the weekend came and I had not even started yet. I figured, why not evaluate the Catholic Church. I... View full entry

  • Classes next semester

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Mar 30, '05 8:34 PM EST

    I got to enroll on Monday (yippee!). Here's my schedule for next fall: Steel Structures Reinforced Concrete Structures Integrated Building Systems Building Communication Soil Mechanics 15 Hours total I signed up for a May Intercession class: Diversity and Social Interaction in the Workplace This... View full entry

  • New Powerbook! + old WWII pics

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Feb 27, '05 12:55 PM EST

    I just got a new 12" Powerbook, 1.33GHz Superdrive. It was only $1269 plus tax, so I couldn't pass that up. I loaded Virtual PC on it yesterday and now need to find a copy of AutoCad. I've got some contests coming up that I need to start laying out. I'll explain what contests this week sometime... View full entry

  • Extra Stuff

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Feb 11, '05 2:17 PM EST

    School isn't just about school work. Full schedule of stuff to do... Last night: ~saw Austin Meek perform, a great local artist. check out his stuff here. Tonight: ~the Vagina Monologues Tomorrow: ~to Omaha for my niece and nephew's baptism Sunday: ~start ESD (electrical systems design) homework... View full entry

  • Excellent PDF highlighting new materials

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Feb 2, '05 9:00 PM EST View full entry

  • Pictures of Seaton Hall Renovation

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Feb 2, '05 8:14 PM EST

  • Student design, renovation of Seaton Hall saves K-State $1.5 million

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Feb 1, '05 7:41 PM EST

    Student design, renovation of Seaton Hall saves K-State $1.5 million Published on Tuesday, January 18, 2005  Kansas State Collegian Architecture students can be thanked for the two new classrooms and expanded Pierce Commons area in Seaton Hall. The lower level of Seaton... View full entry

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