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    New Powerbook! + old WWII pics

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Feb 27, '05 12:55 PM EST

    I just got a new 12" Powerbook, 1.33GHz Superdrive. It was only $1269 plus tax, so I couldn't pass that up.

    I loaded Virtual PC on it yesterday and now need to find a copy of AutoCad. I've got some contests coming up that I need to start laying out. I'll explain what contests this week sometime.

    And since I think every post should have pictures, here are some from my grandpa during WWII.

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    • breathe

      hate to burst your bubble matthew but i was running virtual pc on my powerbook for auto cad too. it was annoying as all hell. after much tribulation and a few slowly processed drawings later i gave virtual pc on the mac the boot and bought a vaio for my autocad purposes. that said, i still love my powerbook -and prefer it- just not for autocad.

      maybe you are far more patient than i am but the slow processing killed me.

      good luck. and happy cad'ing.

      Feb 27, 05 3:45 pm  · 

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