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  • Images for Mid Crit

    By Reverb
    Oct 29, '04 4:45 AM EST

    I though I would post some images of study model 04...mid crit on monday...time to hit drawings hard this weekend. Its going to be a hand drawn affair. The final is due on Nov. 22 before we leave for Japan.





    Oz Tshirt:

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  • It's been a while

    By Reverb
    Oct 28, '04 2:41 AM EST

    It seems as though every project I have for every class right now is coming down to crunch time so I have been consistently swamped. Studio: Mid Crit on the 1st...will post images soon Metaphysics: Research Paper; SILENCE AND LIGHT: Towards the Poetic Image in Exeter Library or VOLUME ZERO: Exeter... View full entry

  • Bowling for Architecture

    By Reverb
    Oct 13, '04 9:12 PM EST

    What happens when your studio professor calls in sick?? View full entry

  • Weekend in Texas

    By Reverb
    Oct 12, '04 11:13 PM EST

    I went to Dallas and Fort Worth this weekend with my Metaphysics class to visit Kahn's Kimbell Art Museum. We also went to Andos Modern Museum of Art in Fort Worth, the Nasher Sculpture Gallery (Dallas), and the Dallas Museum of Art. The Kimbell was an amazing space....the quality of light is... View full entry

  • Study Model

    By Reverb
    Oct 6, '04 10:28 AM EST

    After an all are some quick pics of the study model I will present today in mid crit. office space looking over gallery space a look back on study model 01 View full entry

  • First Friday

    By Reverb
    Oct 5, '04 2:45 AM EST

    The first Friday of every month Kansas City opens all the galleries in the Crossroads Arts District to the public. It is a pretty damn good time. Tons of people come out, abandon there SUV's, if only for an evening, and stroll from gallery to gallery drink in hand. Last Friday the work of Kstate... View full entry

  • Design Build

    By Reverb
    Sep 29, '04 11:59 AM EST

    Last semester Kstate started a design build studio for fourth and fifth year students...the first project: new studios, a lecture space, and a cafe and supply store in the basement of our very own Seaton Hall. Here are some pictures of the construction process last spring....The basement will not... View full entry

  • week in review

    By Reverb
    Sep 21, '04 3:59 AM EST

    Well”¦let's recap last week: Hiroshi Hara has come and gone. Besides a brief pin up last Saturday we saw very little of our visiting professor. We have decided on the last week in November to leave for Tokyo getting back to the State's sometime around the 10th of December. Studio... View full entry

  • OZ 26 sequence

    By Reverb
    Sep 13, '04 1:05 AM EST

    OZ is the journal of the College of Architecture, Planning and Design at Kansas State. I am currently the co-editor of OZ vol. 27. We just received OZ vol. 26 sequence from the printer and are beginning work on OZ 27 process. Entries for OZ 26 include dZO, CJ Lim, Preston Scott Cohen and Micheal... View full entry

  • Scripted Architecture

    By Reverb
    Sep 10, '04 1:21 PM EST

    ARCH 605/706 investigates the possible relationships between film and architecture. I will post more info and student work later. View full entry

  • 403

    By Reverb
    Sep 10, '04 5:06 AM EST

    4:03 am central standard time. Preparing for mid crit this saturday with professor Hara. View full entry

  • ...anxiously awaiting the floating wizard...

    By Reverb
    Sep 9, '04 3:39 AM EST

    2:30 am central standard time....countdown towards floating. T minus 11.5 hrs until the wizard arrives View full entry

  • Santa Chiara

    By Reverb
    Sep 8, '04 9:18 PM EST

    8:18 pm central standard time : wishing I was still in Italy... View full entry

  • SO Studio: Floating between horizontal and vertical

    By Reverb
    Sep 8, '04 2:31 AM EST

    "It is clear that conditions are not things but events. It is almost the same thing to see architecture as an event as to understand it as a space. Such an understanding makes it possible to recognize architecture as a field. ...modality is the most significant concept in architecture. When based... View full entry

  • have you seen this man??

    By Reverb
    Sep 8, '04 2:16 AM EST

    country boy from kansas lost in los angeles. View full entry

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