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    Classes next semester

    By Matthew Peterworth
    Mar 30, '05 8:34 PM EST

    I got to enroll on Monday (yippee!). Here's my schedule for next fall:
    Steel Structures
    Reinforced Concrete Structures
    Integrated Building Systems
    Building Communication
    Soil Mechanics
    15 Hours total

    I signed up for a May Intercession class:
    Diversity and Social Interaction in the Workplace

    This counts one of my general education requirements, and it's a class I actual want to take (and is only offered during intercession). Through a lot of hard work (summer school since 2001), I will only have to take 9 hours my last semester next spring. However, if I want a physics minor, it's just one more class, so that will bump me up to 12 hours.

    This summer I will be an RA at the Missouri Scholars Academy at Mizzou. MSA is for 330 of the brightest high school juniors. I attended as a scholar back in 1999, and this is my first summer I could RA because of stupid summer school all those years. But I couldn't imagine taking all of those classes here at the university because they'd be so much harder!


    • Tom Denney

      So you're

      Mar 31, 05 6:44 pm  · 
      Matthew Peterworth

      I used to be smart. But now I spend too much of my time on extracurricular activities. Max Fischer would be proud. (Rushmore rocks!)

      Apr 1, 05 2:08 am  · 

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