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Feb '05 - Aug '06

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    Writing as entry to the rhizome: does existentialism count?

    By KumarAtre
    Aug 11, '05 6:07 AM EST

    :Anyway, you should be typing; I've only been here a week.

    :That's not an excuse. Typing is a basic skill. You- we're not going to sit around here and wait for you to figure it out, either.

    :Well who's typing now?

    :I don't know.

    :Then who's dictating? Who's talking?

    :You stop talking - and don't get cocky. There are two different kinds of work here; yours is technical. You record and regurgitate.

    :So you're pretty sure you're dictating, but if you don't know who's typing, how much control can you have?


    :I mean, unless you yourself are the typist. The written word - like conversation - is a subjective medium. As soon as you take the upper hand, it becomes clear that you're in control of the recording process. There's nobody else here taking minutes, no objective historical document.

    :Nonsense! You are a skill. Skills are supposed to manifest the will of the conscious. You are that external observer.

    :Keep saying that, if it brings you comfort, but still I ask you: then whose memory is this? Whose current experience will this be, upon its reading? I have a bias, as your typist - a control, if you will - and so will the reader.

    :No! This is my experience, right now, as I create it! [pause, deep breath] Okay, I know this: I'm producing a document. Am I typing or thinking? Dictating? [looks back over word document on computer screen] When I go back and read over what's there so far, do I create a third? Am I then a reader? Or, does my control grant me the position of editor?

    :Ooooh, now you're taking control. But how many divisions are there? Even as you edit the physical document, cross referencing real-time by drawing lines from current endpoints (logical and textual) to past thoughts and words, you must be aware of which of

    :myselves is being asserted. The medium is common; communication varies based on its contributors. Have I ever played chess against

    :yourself? Unless you're simple enough to favor one side over the other,

    :we'll get lost in the game. We'd better post this before someone starts reading over our shoulder, or Miguel de Unamuno takes over. Or Borges...

    :Anyway, will the reader not be the ultimate editor-judge of the artifact, and with his experience, flatten the medium, rendering the effort useless? Or might he write a response, stitching himself into the document with his added words, new layers, and multiplying lines of flight?


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      ever read Weak Architecture by Sola-Morales?

      Aug 11, 05 10:29 am  · 

      No, but thanks for the recommendation. I'm on it.

      Aug 12, 05 1:38 pm  · 

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