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    Common Sense - a productive culture of dissent

    By KumarAtre
    Feb 14, '05 10:01 AM EST

    The air around us has gotten a little warmer, and it seems students have tapped into this boost in energy and gotten a bit fiesty. Tomorrow there is a meeting, called by Mostafavi (new dean) with the students to discuss potential venues for change and... improvement in the school of architecture. We now have a suggestion box, like I.H.O.P, sort of.

    A group of particularly fiesty students will see this as a great success, given their recent efforts to educate the general student body about a number of rather unsettling current events regarding student-faculty relations over the last few weeks, months, and years.

    Full disclosure on the juicy details available Tuesday...


    • Mason White

      I'd like to see more maple syrup at the tables and maybe friendlier wait staff. Also, if booth seats can have better heating for cold weather locations that would be swell. Oh, and if they could extend the offering of the fruit pocket pancakes, I'd be a happy traveler.

      Feb 14, 05 8:01 pm  · 

      meetings only on march we'll see in 2 weeks...should be good.

      Feb 14, 05 11:02 pm  · 

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