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    Milk Day, or, Another Cornell Architecture Tradition Goes Sour

    By KumarAtre
    May 2, '05 1:59 AM EST

    Today was Milkday...

    Milkday is like any other chugging competition, but... its participants are all Cornell Architects! This may be all the explanation the event needs, but for those who don't quite get it, I'll provide more explicit imagery.

    First, it is important to know that all competitors are required to demonstrate the emptiness of their respective half-gallon milk containers by holding them upside-down above their heads. So, milk is all over people's heads. And with all the frantic waving and jerking, milk is all over people's EVERYTHING.

    A short list of everything:

    Hair, headphones, ears, shop goggles, wristwatches, skin, undergarments, friends, desk lamps, a few copies of SMLXL, the ceiling... and a number of drawings, taped - helplessly trapped - too close to the action. This last item is a first-timer on the list of Milkday collateral damage, and a sad one; students' work is over the line.

    Those responsible for stepping over this holy line had thought themselves clever enough to coordinate a dramatic start to the competition, which included growling, flexing, squinty eyes, and suddenly, a powerful explosion of milk. As the glistening white cloud settled, those in the front wiped their eyes clean to discover the perpetrators each with two halves of milk carton stuck in his fists. The halves were then crushed into little balls and flung into the incredulous, milk-covered, crowd.

    Incidentally, the perpetrators are the two biggest guys in architecture, and thus cannot be properly, um, penalized for their actions.

    "Yeah Right."

    Anyway, that's the story of how the milk was sprinkled upon the drawings, and how Milk Day went sour.


    • David Cuthbert

      photos, where the photos - did u cover Bernard with milk - hmmm

      May 2, 05 9:29 am  · 

      Since when did this start?

      May 2, 05 10:22 am  · 

      I believe the current 5th year class started it Javier, cos when I was around the only traditions we focused on were Picture day, Sprinkler day, and Dragon day..........Nasrine is taming things down.........

      May 2, 05 10:33 am  · 

      Just wait, freshmen studio smelling like rotten milk--tsk, tsk. and with finals coming up!

      May 2, 05 10:39 am  · 

      so do they still have picture day? Sprinkler day? This seems like an unnecessary encroahment of frat entertainment into Rand Hall.

      May 2, 05 11:36 am  · 

      Whatever happened to slope day?

      May 2, 05 8:45 pm  · 

      slope day is still around :)

      May 2, 05 8:59 pm  · 

      snoop dog is coming for slope day

      May 2, 05 9:58 pm  · 

      yah, i heard its going to be a wild party this year

      May 2, 05 10:23 pm  · 


      May 3, 05 3:16 am  · 

      It's coming up right? This or next weekend?

      May 3, 05 8:28 pm  · 

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